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 1 YAHWEH  has given all this land into our hands. Jos.2,24.

 - So, Joshua ordered the Levite priests to take the Ark into the river Jordan  and  told the people to purify themselves be ready to cross the Jordan.3,1-6

-Yahweh said  I  AM  WITH  YOU  as I was with Moses. w,7

    The people will understand that I am in their midst. w.10.

-When the priests, who carry the Ark, touched the water, the Jordan dried up, forming like a dam, so the people could cross over to Jericho opposite.

- The Israelites encamped in Galgal, where they celebrated the Passover

     From that day, there was no more manna for the Israelites.

    They ate of the fruit of the land of Canaan. Jos 3,9-17 ; 5,10.12.

2 – The  description of the crossing of the River Jordan is very similar to the crossing of the Red Sea.

-Yahweh, dried up the waters of the Jordan as he did to the Red Sea.

- God did this miracle, so that the people and their children could know  the power of Yahweh  and to have  FEAR  of God. 4,23-24 ; Dt.31,1-8

3 – From now on the key word it seems is WAR but in reality the most important words will be : Justice, peace, mercy, love and especially FAITH.

- For the Bible authors, important was the killing of God’s enemies. But…

- Jesus will teach about the killing of sin and to save the sinners.

- I do not want the death of sinner but that he converts and lives Ez.18,32

- Jesus died for the salvation of ALL  who believe. Lk,15,7.10.32.

- The original name of Joshua was Hosea = Salvation but, Moses changed it in

      Joshua = YAHWEH  is  my salvation. Nm.13,8.16

4Yahweh  in the Ark, will help the Israelites to win against the enemies.

- Yahweh, will dry up the Jordan… Yahweh will destroy Jericho.

   Yahweh  will stop the Sun in the sky… not the 40.000 solders. 4,13

- Is not the stick that could be transformed  in serpent or, 

      to divide the Red Sea and Jordan or, to make the water flow from the rock.

- The one who could make all these miracles was YAHWEH, the living God, who was with Moses and now is with Joshua and the people.

5 – So, the first thing that Joshua did in Galgal, was  the circumcision of all those who were born in the desert, in order to make them fully  possessed by God and to be worthy to live as holy person, in the holy land.

6 – From each story, there are many interesting teachings to learn.

- FEAR 4,23-24 :Is not the feeling that we have in front of wild animal, disease,    misfortune, disasters but, it is to be afraid to make, the person we love, to  suffer because of our deeds, words, opinions, misunderstandings, indifference

- The FEAR  of God be with you… that you may NOT SIN again. Ex.20,20.

7 RELATIVISM : It is one of the most  dangerous sins of our time.

- Mass-media, Masonic people, using polite words and, euphemisms will convince the people that any religion, morality, beaver, beliefs are good because they are approved by the majority. Ex.23,2.  (or just few evil leaders)

8 GAY :  It does not means only happy, lively, sparkling, dissolute…

       But we can be translate I Am  Good As You.

- So, nothing to blame, because, to be gay, is not a sin, it is only a fashion of our time, it can be a physical mistake of the  nature.

- Nothing is wrong, because all people ( ? ? ? ) and laws of many countries

     ( ? ? ? )  have approved  already gay marriage and possibility of adopting

       or to have children, through artificial insemination or surrogate mothers. 

- If we are equal, we must respect and to have the same rights ( But not duties)

* The Ecclesiastes warns saying : What has happened and was done before, by the people of Sodom and Gomorrah, Gen,19, will be done again by emperor Nero, and by many persons of any time .    

     So… there is nothing new under the sun. Qoelet 1,9.

- GENDER : Is only a social distinction. You can choose your gender.

9 CHURCHES  : In the past, those buildings, were the heart of the city.

- Today are rooms of multi-purposes.  Places for friendly meetings and… sometimes for prayer.

-TABERNACLES : Are only storeroom for the Holy Bread, they can be near the altar or in any part of the Church, for the private adoration.

- EUCHARIST : Is only remembrance of the last Jesus’ supper not the living God, present body and blood, for our daily salvation.

- MARRIAGE  : Is another convenient, conventional and political solution.

   Can be dissolved at any moment according the opportunity of the two persons.

- CHILDREN  : Are not fruit of love but, can be ordered, as a car, at any time, with the characteristics requested by the market, sport, humor of the rich persons. If they have defects must be eliminated through abortion.

- BLACK  MASSES : Must substitute, the boring and useless Sunday Masses and be used for a profitable business.

10 –  God, cannot  agree, with this wrong mentalities so, through many

     Miracles, he proved his real presence, with three very important signs :

     1 - The wine, transformed in blood, is always group AB like in the Sindon 

     2 – The flesh, is not one part of the body but, is always the Heart. LOVE

     3 – After the consecration, incorruptibility of body and blood, for centuries.

-  God repeats many times to Moses and Joshua  I am with youforever.

11 – The  story of the rich man and Lazarus is very appropriate. Lk.16,20-31

- In  this world, we can have money,  power, we can create our God.

- After death, the poor who believed, went to heaven and, the rich man who dressed in purple went to  hell, without the possibility of

    metatastasi, it means  impossibility of changing our destination

      and eternal life that, WE freely had chosen through our deeds.

12 –Albert Einstein, 100 years ago, wrote the theory of Gravitational Waves created by the collision of celestial bodies like two Black Holes.

      Now the scientists, proved the truth of that theory.

- God, is sending his many different waves, warnings, to our daily life.

- The human beings, preferred to use  the tricky technics of Overton Window to brain wash people and convince them that God does not exist.  So…

         we are free, to decide and do what we like.

13 To prayer : Free us from evil, today, it is insignificant, because evil, devil, sin, hell, God, eternal life…  do not exist anymore.

         We can build our happiness our earthly paradise without God.

- Unfortunately, our daily experience, and the future Israelites’ slavery are telling us the contrary but it seems that…

 - The warning nothing new under the sun is just a warning for the past. Qt.1,9   



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