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Dt.33,3.5 ; 34,9 ; Jos.1-18

 1 - What we are writing is not a normal history but the

                         HISTORY  OF  SALVATION

      It means that each name, event, has a special meaning.

- After Moses’s death, JOSHUA , became the new leader but he has the same mission of Moses  to be faithful to the Covenant and Yahweh.

- So, he must eliminate everything that can be an obstacle to this divine plan.

* Joshua it means Jesus.

- The Israelites are going to possess the Promised and Holy Land in order to prepare the place and peoples for the coming of Jesus.

2 – This  book, we do not know when and who wrote it but, somebody wanted  to conserve the memory of what God did in favor of the chosen people.

- In the book, there are two part, chapters 1-12,  which describe the preparation and the wars that the Israelites must do in order to conquer Canaan.

- Chapters 13-21 are about the distribution of the territory.

3 – The  purpose of the book, is not to write a chronicle of the events but to inform that the wars were ordered by God. ( Human teaching )

      God was fighting with the Israelites because  there is only one God and  all the peoples must recognize and worship Yahweh .

     Anything that opposed to this plan must be eliminate, destroyed.

     11,15 ; 20,23 ; 22,5 ; 24,14.19. ( Human teaching. Jesus died for salvation)

4 – The  land is Holy so, all the  pagans and IDOLS must be eliminated

- The real leader, and only God, will be Yahweh who all must obey

     He will be  present day at night in the Holy Ark. Ex.25,10-22.

5Joshua, was full of spirit of wisdom, because Moses had laid his hands  upon him. Dt.34,9.  But…

- Joshua, new very well that, the Israelites, were stiff-necked people. Dt.33,3.5

      So, before to start his mission he asked forgiveness for the sins of the  people and a special protection from Yahweh, for himself.

- What pleases God, are not circumcision, external ceremonies, animals’ blood  but faith, obedience, co-operation with  him. Pl.49/50,1-23.

- Moses, wanted to see God’s face… God said : Here I am. I let myself be met,  be found by those who did not ask for me. Is.65,1.

6 – After Moses’ death ,Yahweh ordered Joshua to cross the Jordan River and to go into the Promised Land which, extend from the River Euphrates

     (Iran, Iraq. Mesopotamia) to the Lebanon and  Mediterranean sea. Jos.1,1-4

- God said : No one will be able to stand against you. I will be with you. w.5

- Be valiant, strong, courageous, brave and faithful, fulfill the whole Law, which Moses, gave you  and you shall succeed wherever you go.

- Constantly read and meditate the book of the Law by day and night 1,6-8

- It is I who command you. Do not be afraid because I am with you. w.9.

* The refrain  is : I am with you… Do not be afraid… Be faithful… Conversion

    it means to BELIEVE  that the real leader and God is Yahweh, not Joshua.

- He must eliminate all the idols and people who believe them. Ez.18,30-32

* St. Paul asks to pray for those in authority.  1Tim.2,1-8

- The people said Joshua : we will obey, go and do  all you commanded us  just as we have obeyed Moses… Complains…?  Rebellions…?  Idolatry ?

7 – Joshua, and people, were ready to start Canaan’s conquest. 

- God, will be faithful, in helping Joshua and the people.

- Joshua will be valiant, strong, courageous, brave, faithful.    But…

- The people will go on, with their stiff-necked.    So…

- After the initial success, they will experience many delusions, many sufferings  and many years of slavery.

- God loves and, wants to save all the sinners but only if a person wants to convert and co-operate with the merciful God.

8 –The first five books of the B. : Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy, are called  PENTATEUCUS , it means, five boxes, containing the scrolls with the Covenant, the holy teachings, the  Laws  that the Israelites should follow to have the protection of Yahweh  and to possess forever, the land flowing with milk and honey.  Ex.3,8.

- Instead, because of the people’s unfaithfulness, Canaan or Palestine, was, and it is, a land of sufferings and death. 

9 My  beloved had a vineyard… He dug it up… cleared the stones.

   Then he looked for a crop of good grapes but it yielded only wild grapes.

- What more was there to do for my vineyard ?

- I will remove its hedge… I will make it a wasteland.

- I looked for justice but found bloodshed and cries of distress.

- Woe to you… Many houses will remain in ruins. Is.5,1-30.

* This prophesy, will become a reality during the Babylonian captivity.

* Josef told his brothers : don’t quarrel on the way. Gen.45,24.

* That quarrel, division, hate, between the  brothers, is still going on.

10 – The wrong interpretation, done by any fundamentalist person or group, of the holy book of any religion, will cause division, wars, sufferings for the humanity as we can see in our time.

- When the civil law, and religion, became the Law of the country, the conclusion will be destruction of the city and death for those who  will not obey because, will be a crime against God and nation.

11 – The Pentatecus, will forbids to follow traditions, to make covenants, or  marriages, with the unfaithful because of danger of idolatry.

- So God ??? will order the destruction of any place and people which could be  an occasion of idolatry. And  the Israelites have the  mission to prepare all  the others nations, to receive the  Messiah  or JESUS CHRIST.

- The people, the authors, misunderstood the will of God and they started Holy  Wars against everybody, in the name of God.

12 – The circumcision, should be only the external sign of  appurtenance to God but, at the end,  became a must a sign of separation from  all other people that,  should be destroyed, through the holy war.

- Easter, the blood of the lamb, on the doors, became  a sign of distinction  from the sinners. But, the only blood, that can forgive sins will be Jesus’s blood, for the salvation of all mankind. Lk.9,22

13 – All the symbols, that should be a sign of unity, forgiveness, love they became symbols of separation, war and hate  between brothers  and, at the end,  the refusal of Jesus, the Saviour of all.

14 – In the prayer, Our Father, we say : Your kingdom will come but, Jesus will say to Pilate that, his kingdom, is not political but spiritual.A kingdom of justice, love and brotherhood.

15 – Because  of the many misunderstandings of God’s love and, teachings all the leaders of the past and, Joshua too,  will use human tricks to force God  ??? , to do what they think and want to achieve.

- God, as a lovable mother, will respect human freedom and will let the  people  make many mistakes but, at the end, he will reach his holy plan.

16Joshua, started in a very good way, offering a sacrifice to God,  recognizing his leadership, authority, protection but, in the same time  he manifested his human weakness and little faith, sending two explorers, to spy on Jericho city.

- God wants the destruction of the  SIN  not of the sinners Ez.18,23

17 – The  first step, to have God’s blessing, is to recognize our sins. Dn.9,4-10 

     After that God, will give us not  scorpions  or  snakes, but love.  Lk 11,12.

- Praise God, only because he is God.  St. G. B. March.6

- Let us not fear but have confidence and trust in God always. St.G. B. March.7


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