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Nm.11,12-29  ; Dt.6,4-9 ; 11,13-21 ; 18,9-22  ; Ccc.512-565 ;  Can.4


1 – After 40 years in the desert, the Israelites passed through the land of Edom, Moab, Ammon  and arrived at east of Jordan river  and Dead Sea  just few kilometers from Canaan or Palestine.

- Once again, they started complain against Moses. Nm.11,1.4.10.

- God said to Moses : I shall take some of the spirit that is in you and put it on seventy elder men, and they will share with you the burden.Nm.11,17.24

- God said to Moses this is the land about which I promised to Abraham, but you shall not enter it. Dt.34,4.

2 - The first person, who received Moses’s spirit, will be Joshua.

- After him, the Judges, the kings, the Prophets… will prepare the people of any time, to meet Jesus Christ.   

-When the time had fully come, God sent forth his Son to redeem mankind.

    God has fulfilled the promise he made to Abraham. Heb.1,2 ; Ccc.422

- The coming of God’s Son, to earth, is an event of such immensity that God wanted to prepare for it over centuries.

- All rituals, sacrifices, figures and symbols of the First Covenant, converge on Christ. God announces Jesus through many prophets. Ccc.522 .

3 - Shema’ LISTEN  Israel, Yahweh is the only God.  So…

    - You shall love God with all your heart soul and strength. 

     - Engrave on your heart the commandments that I pass on to you.

     - Repeat them to your children…  Brand them on your hands.

     - Keep them before your eyes… Do not forget Yahweh when he has led you  into the Promised Land. Dt.6,1-10.

     - Look for Yahweh, your God, and you will encounter him, if you search with  all your heart… Listen to his voice.  Dt.4,29-30

4 –  If you obey the commandments that I give you, I will give rain.Dt.11,13-21

- Do not imitate the  Canaanites who sacrifice their children, Do not practice divination, astrology, enchantments… tattoos .

     - You must be blameless for Yahweh your God.

     - Yahweh will raise up for you a prophet like myself to whom you shall listen… He will tell you all that I command.

   - If someone does not listen to my words, I will call him to account for it.

        Dt.18,9-22  ; Acts 3,22-23.   Jesus will say :

* They have Moses and the prophets, let them  listen to them. Lk.16,29.

* The people were astonished and surprised… because Jesus, taught  as one having authority.   Mt.13,53-58 ; Mk.1,22 ; Lk.1,63.

5 Let  us not rely  on good intentions. St.G.B.Mrc.2

   - He who has good will has everything. But that will is not good if it refuses to do all that it can.  St.G.B. Marc.3

  - We have to pay much  attention not to set ourselves against the Lord  with our sins. St.G.B. Dec.4

 - We have to seek God alone. St.G.B. Dec.5.

6 – Master, we saw someone who drove out demons in your name.

   We tried to forbid him. Jesus answered : Do not forbid him because whoever is not against us is for us. Mk.9,38-48 

   God can be served in thousands different ways.  But…

- He chose some preferential ways like Jesus, the Catholic Church,

     Sacraments… So, if a person refuses those means, they cannot be saved.

7 – God’s plan of salvation is very clear constant and firm.

     The problem is our inconstancy, our grumbling, and our lack of faith.

      We do not listen, we do not obey, we do not co-operate with God.

- God knew us, before our conception and, he established already  how to save us, if we were faithful to our vocation.

        Jer.5.9 ; Is.42,6 ; Rm.8,15-23 ; 2Tm.1,9 ; 1Pt.1,3-5.

8 - God’s program, was to be born through a Virgin and eliminate all obstacles, wars, divisions, hate, and let snakes, wolfs, lions, human beings be together.

     Is.7,10-17 ; 11,1-16 .37,21-35.  This divine program failed.

- So Mike asks : O my people what have I done to you ? Mi.6,4-8 ; 7,14-20

     Why you do not want to co-operate with me ?

9 – The refusal of God, in the O.T., will appen again  with Jesus at Nazareth with the Pharisee, Apostles, Israelites and Roman authorities. Mt.12,38-42.

- Demons, evil, temptations are always in front of Jesus and in front of any person who wants to be good. Mk.5,1-20 ; Lk.4,1-13.

10 Jesus, real prophet, can give us strength to fight against any kind of evil.

   Jesus is the corner stone but he disturbs human freedom so many people prefer to sell Jesus just for 30 cycles, it means for any kind of pleasure and sin. 1Kgs,22,1-30 ; Lk.20,13 ;  Jn.6,14 ; Zec.10,3-11,3 ; Mt….  Gen…  Zec.11,12-13 ; Mt.26,15.

11 – Jesus, suffered for you, leaving you an example… He did no wrong…

     He did not return insult… When suffering he did not curse…

     He went to the cross bearing our sins… So we might die to sin…

     By his wounds you have been healed. 1Pt.2,21-24.

- These words are really comforting us sinners and spurring us to look  with  faith at the great prophet who is coming for our salvation.  


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