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 1 – After 40 years, in the desert, the Israelites, arrived near Palestine and through the soothsayer Balaam, God once again, told the people that they must obey him because nobody can be an obstacle to his plan of salvation.   My just servant will justify the multitude. Is.53,3.11-12

 - Balak, king of Moab, was afraid of Israel so, he sent messengers asking Balaam to put a curse on the Israelites, because I know that, those you bless are blessed and those you curse are cursed. I will greatly honor you.  Nm.22,1-6.17.

- Balaam answered : Even if, Balak, gave me his house full of silver and gold I could not do anything beyond the command of Yahweh my God. 22,18

- God said to Balaam : Go with them but, you must not put a curse on Israelites because they are blessed. 22,12.20.

2 – The anger of God was aroused because of his going and Yahweh’s angel  posted himself on the road a drawn sword in his hand. 22,22.

- When the donkey saw the angel, she turned off the road and she lay down under Balaam.  He was angry and beat her with a stick. 22,23.28.

- The donkey said : What have I done to you to make you beat me three times ?

* One of the guards gave Jesus a blow on the  face… Jesus said to him If I have spoken rightly, why do you strike meJn.18,23.

* Serpent, Gen.3,1-5  and donkey, cannot speak. They are symbols of good and  evil that, only person, can do.

- Balaam saw Yahweh’s angel standing on the road.

    He fell downward his face to the ground. 22.31.

- Balaam said to the angel I did not want to sin. If this journey displeases you I will go back.

- The angel said : You may say only what I tell you. 22.34.35.

3 – Balak, took Balaam, up to the top of Pisgah mountain ( 1.000  m. high. On that mountain, Moses will die. Dt.34,1)    and told him :

   Curse Jacob for me… But, he blessed the Israelites. 23,7.11.14.

- Balaam said : God is not a man that he should  lierepent

- I have received a command to bless and I cannot change it. 23,19.20.

4 – Balaam saw that Yahweh, willingly blessed Israel, he did not seek out signs as he had done before.. and said : how goodly are your tents Jacob

      Blessed is he who bless you and, cursed is he who curses you.24,1.5.9

- I see a figure, but not really. I behold him but not near.

             A  STAR… a  CHILD … shall come forth from Jacob.

-The people, who walk in darkness, have seen a great light.

- He will be : Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God… Everlasting Father,

     Prince of Peace. Nm 24,17.:  Is.9,1-6.

* The people following Balaam (and any fortune teller… tattoos… amulets )

      are like waterless springs, clouds driven by a storm. 2Pt.2,15-16.

5 – We can see that, in this story, there are many symbols.

- Gen.49,8-12  told us that, the Redeemer will be born from Judah’s tribe.

- Rv.2,28  and  22,16  tell us that, Jesus, will  descend from  king David and he will reign over all the nations.

- Mt.2,9-11  talks about wise men who, following a star, (faith)  went  to Jerusalem to worship the new king of Israel.

- Jn.15,26-16,4  warns us that, the Holy Spirit only, will help us to understand the real meaning of the O.T and N.T.

- So, to understand the deep meaning of Balaam’s prophesy,

      we should read  Is.5,20 ; 50,10 ; 58,9-10 ; Zec.14,7 ; Jer.13,16

       Lk.1,78 ; Jn.1,1-18 ; 3,19 ; 8,12 ; 12,35 ; 1Jn.2,1-5.

6 – Chapters 23-24  have  many reference to Jesus who, even innocent, ( like Balaam’s  donkey) was bitten many times, by many persons,  and was tempted by the devil, to give up with his program of  universal salvation.Lk.4,1-13

 7 – In this story, there are some contradictions, because of different documents used  by the  writers.

- But God’s program, was very clear  : Israel was the chosen people  and must reach Palestine, to prepare the coming of Jesus so…

       NOBODY will can stop or change this program.

- Donkey, obeyed God, more than many persons of the past and today

8 –So, once again, we have to go back to the beginning of History of Salvation  to see that Lucifer, refused God’s plan. Is.14,12-15

- Adam, wants to be free and to decide by himself about good and evil.

- The people, of Noah’s time, want to be happy without God’s interference.

- Pharaoh, tried to obstruct the Israelites departure.

- Balaam, was called to curse the Israelites but, he has just to bless them.

9Devil will try, for the last time, to convince Jesus, to give up  his  program of universal salvation but Jesus said :

    You shall not challenge the Lord your God. Lk.4.12 ; Nm.22,18 ; 23,19.20.

10 – From the eternity, God decided, to create mankind and making them  God’s children, through Jesus, the Virgin Mary and the Church.

- Any human intention, to stop God’s plan, will fail.   Ps.77/78.1-72

- So we, intelligent donkey, should kneel down and co-operate with God for our eternal salvation. Nm.22,23.28.   

 11Prudent silence, avoidance of idle talks and jokes, these are the ways of being sure that our soul is alert to the sweet Creator’svoice  St.G.B. Febr.28.



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