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1The  History of Salvation is like a very long and severe skimming.

        - God, will try to eliminate all the imperfections from human life, but they will put many obstacles and grumblings.

2 – Angels and first human beings, rebelled to God

- After that, the people refused Noah’s exhortations.

- The  morality of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob  was very imperfect.

- Now the Israelites complain very often against Moses and God.

- It seems that the History of Salvation is a failing.

3 – Jesus is the only savior but God, decided to fulfill the salvation through human co-operators like the steward Moses. Nm.12,7-8

- God, will teach Moses, to find some co-operators like the 70  elders

       Aaron and Levites. Ex. 25-31 ; 29,1-3  ; Nm.11,16  ; 18,1-5.

4 – God, gives his gifts, to a person, not because he is a saint but because he must serve God and mankind with love and generosity.

- All of us can make mistakes but God’s co-operators must be humble  and to accept advice from others, as Moses did with Ietro.  Ex.18,13-27 

- Even if God, calls a person, to do special duty, sometimes he can feel discouraged and,like Moses,he can ask God to cancel his name.Ex.32,32-33

- Jesus prayed :Father, if it is possible take this cup away from me. Mt.26,39

5 - The B. said that Moses was the most humble person even if he started his duty, with the killing of a Egyptian and he ordered to the  Levites to  kill  3.000  idolatries. Ex.2,11-15. Nm.12,3 ; Ex.32,25-29.

- Even if, there are many human defects and weakness God is carrying on  his kimming until he will find the perfect co-operator, in  Jesus Christ.

- The Chosen People, started their journey with the celebration of Easter

       But very soon they forgot the miracles done by God and they followed

        God’s plan… with many complaints and little faith.  

6 - After two years, in the desert of Sinai, from the Mountain of God, the Cloud,(God)  over the Holy Tent and Arc of the Covenant,  moved  and went to the desert of Paran.  Nm.10,11-12.

- Whenever the Arc left, Moses would say : Arise Yahweh.

- When it came to the rest, he would say : Come back Yahweh. Nm.10,34-36

- The real  leader of the Israelites was the invisible Yahweh…  So, any complaint, was not against Moses but against God. Nm.11,1.4.

7 - Yahweh became very angry and he departed.  Nm.11,10 ; 12,9.

- Moses said : Lord you do not love me… You want me to carry the people  in my bosom as a nurse carries an infant.

- The burden is too heavy for me… I beg of you  o Lord…

     Kill me rather than treat me like this.   Nm.11,11-15.

- O Lord you are slow to anger and rich in mercy… Eph.2,4

       Pardon, I pray,  the sin of this people… just as you have pardoned them  from Egypt even until now. Nm.14,19.

- Yahweh said : I will pardon them as you have pleaded… but for 40 years you shall bear the guilt of your people. Nm.14,20.34.

8 Sin of Israelites… Moses’ intercession… God’s forgiveness  will be present also in the rebellion of Korah, Dathan and 250  Israelites. Nm.16,1-35

- They said to Moses : Why do you set yourselves over the community

- Yahweh told Moses, to take from the people  250  censers and God will indicate, who will be a priest…  and the leader of people.

- A fire, came forth from Yahweh and consumed the 250  rebels. Nm.16,1-35.

9 – On the following day, once again, the entire community grumbled against Moses and Aaron.  In that day 14.700  died  .Nm.17,14

- God, cannot close his eyes in front of the many rebellions of the people.

- But, in the same time, he teaches them how to convert and cooperate.

- Jesus said, that the rulers of the nations act as tyrants. Mt.20,25.

-St.Peter told the people to obey even if some leaders are undisciplined1Pt.2,18

- St. Paul teaches us to respect all the authorities. 1Tess.5,12-14.

- Moses, will understand this teaching, little by little, starting with the choosing of the 70 helpers, and Aaron as a priest and, Joshua as his successor.

10 – God , told Moses,  to take from  the 12 leaders of the people… Levites… and Aaron, their walking sticks and to write the name of each on his stick  and to put them in the Tent of Meeting. Nm.17,17… 

- The man whose stick sprouts I will  choose as a priest. 17,20.

- On the following day, Aaron’s stick was already sprouting. 17,23.

11 - Then Yahweh said to Aaron : you and your sons shall be responsible  for the  sanctuary… The tribe of Levi will serve you.18.1-3.

- Doing all these miracles I shall stop the complaints against you. 17,20.

12 - Unfortunately the complaints did not stop as we will see in the next story

 - He who despises little things will fall.  St. G.B. March 14.

- Love is patient, kind, not arrogant, it does not seek its own interest.

    Love forgets offenses… excuses everything… Love will never end

    There is faith, hope, but the greatest is love. 1Cor,13,4-13.  Mt.12,14-21.

13 -Aaron the anointed one

    Oil, is used for vegetables, massages, sacraments because  penetrates into  the elements, into the heart and makes a new person

- The real anointed one will be JesusSpirit, who will transform us in God.

- The first step to the holiness, is humility and respect for others.

- But for those who are obstinate in grumbling… Yahweh first, and after him Moses and Jesus, used very strong words to condemn them.

14 – Shepherd your people with your staff… Show us your wonders…

    Who is a God like you, who takes away guilt and pardons crime and whose  anger does not last ? For you delight in merciful forgiveness.

     You will use your loving kindness, casting our sins into the sea Mi 7,14-20.

- These beautiful words of the prophet Micah, were written many years after  the Israelites reached the Holy Land but they conserve the real spirit of the merciful God and the future teaching of Jesus.

15Love and justice are part of God’s life.  God’s correction.Rv.3,19-20

       God, cannot stop to love but, because he loves, he must take care of sinners, poor, widows, orphans… who cannot defend themselves.

- The teachings that we find in these stories, are a good lesson for all but specially for civil and religious leaders.


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