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 1 – Good and evil, blessing and punishments… Everything from God. ? ? ?

    “ I will make Pharaoh stubborn and although I multiply my signs  and miracles, he will not listen to you. Ex.7,3-4 ; Is.45,6-25.

- All the plagues, mentioned in chapters 7-11  can have a natural explanation.

- The Red Sea was called red, because of millions of small insects in  the water and they made the water red.

- Frogs :  During raining season, we can hear the chorus of frogs.

- Different kinds of mosquitoes provoke also in our time many diseases.

- Horseflies : They can profligate during  hot weather or near garbage.

- Death of livestock: horses, camels, cattle… It can happen at any time.

- The boils ulcers, Aids, Ebola, from dirty water… spoiled food…

- The hail : The weather can change very easy and transform rain into hail

- Locusts : can make their migration and devour vegetables at  any time of the year.

- Darkness : Sand storm, sometimes  the aeroplanes cannot take off.

* The authors used these natural events to teach us something spiritual.

2 - The story of plagues is not a tale but a deep teaching for those who refuse  to cooperate with God. They have to take full responsibility for their deeds.

- The angiographers are telling us about Pharaoh’s stubbornness so, they have to find something visible… touchable… to explain  this reality to us  and to prepare for the superficial conversion of Pharaoh who only after many miracles will ask Moses’ and God’s blessing.  Ex.12,32

- The real and deep conversion takes 40 days… 40 years… All our life.

- The conversion usually, is not a lightning,as it append with St. Paul Acts.9,1-19

     God is patience… invites… reproaches… as a mother, he  punishes,  with love… until we understand our mistakes and decide to follow him.

3Pharaoh  changes his mind many times. After some plagues he permitted  the people to leave and after that he forbids. Ex.9,27 ; 10,16

- After the death of the firstborn, Pharaoh obeyed God but after a while  he wants to force the Israelites to come back to Egypt. Ex.14,1-9.

-The real conversion is a grace from God but He respects our freedom until  the last moment of our life.

4 – We should not loose time to go to see if the plagues happened in the way… in that time and… for those reasons.

- The writers warn us about the danger of opposing  God’s will.

 5 – In  our time there are many diseases like Ebola… Aids… Tumours… caused by immoralities… pollution… adulteration of food… not by God.

- What we have to change is our behaviour… and to believe in God…not to follow magicians… astrologers… fortune makers… tattoos…

- God, is not a foreign person but, he is always near us and he tries in many  ways to cure us and to take us on the right path.Lk.7,19-23.

- So, is not God, that makes our mind obstinate but it is our mind that impedes

     God to manifest his love and to help us.

- God is God, not because he can punish us, but because he can forgive our sins

     WE pray : Our Father…  forgive our trespasses… ccc.1994.

- What glory will God receive from punishing us ?

6 Ps.77/78,40-72 Tells us why the people of Israel… and us…  have to suffer.

7 – We can read the 11 plagues using modern terminology and situations.

- The water changes into blood because of wars, terrorism, accidents…

- Frogs can be any ugly person, corruption, drugs...  alcohol … sin.

- Mosquitoes : gossip, envy, false witnesses,  lies of  mass media, scandals.

- Death of animals : mad cows… inflated pigs, chicken, trangenical food…

- Boils : Aids, Ebola, infarct, stroke, haemorrhage fever, Mers, Sars, obesity, venereal diseases, abuse of cosmetics…

- Hail : Heresies, fundamentalism, that destroys physical and spiritual life.

- Horseflies and locusts :any kind of war, revolution in the countries… families

- Darkness of intellectual and religious ignorance, wrong traditions.

- Death of the firstborn that is the horrible business of our time : abortion  euthanasia and profanation of natural gender… Mt.2,16-18.

8 – Those  who refused God are foolish persons building on sand .Mt.7,24-27.

* Like the rich man they will lose money and eternal life. Lk.16,19-31

* So, not temporary conversion like Pharaoh but, like Moses  strong decision to follow God even if sometimes are difficult.

* Wis.13-18

9Ps.104/105,1-45 Summarizes the teachings of Geneses and Exodus and…

      especially God’s warning :

     Touch not my prophets and my anointed ones. w15

- Pharaoh, kings, Herod, Pilate… of any times will try to obstruct God’s  messengers… but in the end they will bow down to God’s will.

10 Plagues, were not God’s purpose for punishing Pharaoh’s stubbornness or  the innocent people of Egypt but, to lead all of them to believe in the real and only God… To save all of them… To make the people friends… To have a highway connecting Syria, Palestine and Egypt  under the same law of love and God. Jer.29,11-13 ; Is.19,16-25.  

     happened but to understand that those plagues are happening in our time but with more  intensity and gravity because of our  ( not Pharaoh’s )  stubbornness in listening to the warning of God. Mt.23,33-36 ; Lk.7,28-30.

12 – Desert : Israel, Prophets, Jesus were in the desert for a long time it means  that desert is not the geographical place but is the incredulity…abscess of God…. Temptations of any kind…

- So, for the conversion, we need to eliminate all human sinful business and  let God  come in us to form the new humanity.


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