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 1 War broke out in heaven with Michael and the dragon.

- Lucifer wants to be light like God...  but became devil, darkness. Rv.12,7

- Human beings wanted to decide by themselves about good and evil.

2 – This  contrast between good and evil, is still going on in us.

- The History of Salvation is not the result of human strategy and deceits

     but a competition between God’s love and human’s freedom.

3 – Moses  said : My Lord, never have I been a fluent speaker. 4,10

         I am a man who has difficulty in expressing himself.  6,12.

        I am a poor speaker.  6,30

       Why not send someone else.?  4,13

- At this Yahweh became angry with Moses and said 4,14 :

- I will be with you… Go… Call together the elders of Israel.

- Aaron will speak for you as a prophet… With this staff in your hand you  will work miraculous signs. Ex.4,10-17…. I will be with you…

* Prophet : Is the one who was called by God for a special mission and to speak in the name of God… In this case in the name of Moses.

* Poor speaker… Difficulty in expressing… rebel… deaf in the heart…

      Moses recognizes his limits… defects…   but he must understand that he is not doing a personal mission but he is acting in the name of God so, he must trust in God. Jer.6,10 ; 9,25 ; Lv.26,41.

4 – The dialogue between God and Moses, was really human and moving.

- Moses prayed to God to change his mind because, he thought that, he was not able to fulfil that dangerous and demanding mission.

- The human Jesus said : Father why have you forsaken me…. ? ? ?  Mt.27,46

- I am with you… Jeremiah 1,1-10… Gideon… Maccabees… Mary… Paul

     Do not be afraid… because nothing is impossible for God. Lk.1,37

5 - God promised to come and to save humanity but in the way, in the time  and with the persons that he will choose.

- At the end, all knees should bend in front of God, and like Pharaoh will say :

    Go, provided that the blessing be for me as well. Ex.12,32 ; Is.2,11-12 ; Fil,2,10

- Like or not… The will of God… one day… will be done…    So…

6 – We should not say like Peter : leave me, Lord, for I am a sinful man

         Instead, we have to ask God to come in us and to help us to cooperate  with his plan of salvation but… in the way that he decided. Lk.5,8

 - For any human or divine project, nothing can substitute our personal engagement.  Ccc.1847 ; 2834   So, we should pray :

- Father, all-powerful and ever-living God, it is our duty and our salvation  to give you thanks always and everywhere through Jesus Christ our Lord.

- Lord, send me…  said Jeremiah.  And Mary : I am God’s servant. Lk.1,38

7 – In each religion, there are persons representing God : Adam… Abraham… 

      Buddha… Moses… Prophets… Mohamad…

-The hagiographers ( Hagios = Santo)  transmit the teachings of God through  preaching and holy books like : Pratai Pidok… Bible… Koran…

- It means that, the invisible God, makes himself visible, through persons…books… events… that we should read and use them according God’s will.

8 –With this staff in your hand you will work miraculous signs. 4,17

- God, changed the staff  into snake. 4,3. The staff is only an object.

- God made Moses’ hand, became leprosy... and vice versa. 4,6.

- Only after these miracles the people  of Israel believed Moses. 4,31.

-What could convince the Israelites… the Apostles… and us… are not the clever homilies but the signs, showing the presence of God.

9 –The teachings that we find in chapters 3-4 are like a game between  God’s love for Israel, the firstborn son and, hard mind of Moses. 4,22.

-  Moses and Aaron met each other to start their Mission  with the elder of Israel  who bowed to the ground. 4,31

10 – It is useless to ask why God did not choose Aaron instead of Moses.

- God is like a mother, he knows what is the best for each person. 

- He will give to all, the necessary grace, for salvation even if he has some  preferences… for John. Jn.13,23      

11 – Now everything is ready so, Moses-Aaron, will go to talk with Pharaoh  who will permit the leaving of Israel only after many miracles. 3,20.


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