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 1 –You shall not kill.    ( 5th  Com.)

2 – Moses was a very humble man.  Nm.12,3.

3 – Pharaoh’s daughter, adopted Moses as her son and called him


- Moses from Hebrew language Mashah…  Mosheh ???

     Probably from Egyptian Tumosi = God Tot is born.

- Moses  lived, in Pharaoh’s palace, for about 40 years  receiving the best education  according the teaching of that time.

4 – When Moses was a grown man, he wanted to meet  his fellow Hebrews…

- He saw an Egyptian striking an Hebrew… Moses killed the Egyptian.

- Pharaoh tried to kill Moses but he fled to Midia. ( Sinai peninsula)  Ex.2,11-15.

- The Madianites  were Abraham’s relatives. Gen.25,2.: Sg.6-9 ; Is.9,3 ; 10,26

5 – Even  if Moses, was like God Tot, he was not humble.

     He had an hot temper. He needs a very deep conversion… Ex.32,25-29

      before to die alone on the mountain Nebo. Det.34,1-8.

- The people must learn, from Moses, that wars, killing, hatred cannot resolve the  problems instead they will  create many others. They will beat their swords into plowshares… and pruning hooks. Is.2,2-5.

   Jesus said to Peter : Put your sword back into its place. Mt.26,52

- At the birth of Jesus and after the resurrection the words most used were peace

- Any kind of killing is against the 5th comm. So the capital punishment is not licit even if is legal in many countries.

- God told to the Prophet Ezekiel  : Do not be rebel among rebels…

     All of Israelites are defiant and stubborn of heart

     They will not listen to you. Ez.2-; Ex.33,5

- The Angels rebelled against God… Jacob cheated  many times…

    Joseph’s brothers sold him… The Israelites will complain against Moses.

     In our time we want political and moral freedom…

- Moses, and all of us, we need a daily conversion, before to be able  to  cooperate to our eternal salvation.

- Your will be done but, before to reach that aim, Jesus must die for us.

- If they knew who was Jesus, they should not crucify him. 1Cor.2,8.

6 – The very frequent words in the B. are justice, peace and love.

- Love justice, you who rule over the world… The first commandment :

      Love God and brothers. Wis.1,1-15 ; Mt,22,36 ; Jn.15,17.

- Many times we are hypocrites and malicious so we try to find excuses  for our sins in order to carry on in our sinful life Mt.22,15-21 ; Ps.49/50.1-23

- What is crying, is not the physical nature but our  sinful heart. Rm.8,18-25.

- Jesus told Nicodemus… Moses and, all of us,  to be reborn. Jn.3,1-21

      In order to change our mentality… to eliminate sin and, to love each other.

- Paradise and Hell are not places or  tales but, they will start at any moment of our life  according our deeds. ( picture n.3).

7 – The  B. is the History of Salvation so, we should not be surprise to find       shocking news or repetitions… or different names as we can see for Moses’s father in law  that  is called Ietro, Reuel, Khobab. Ex,2,18.Nm10,29

- Moses was married once or many times ???  Ex.2,21 ; Nm.12,1.

- Moses had one or two children ? Gherson = foreigner and  Eliezer ? Ex.2,22

8 – When we read the B, we should not looking for curiosities, anomalies,       contradictions, errors but to find God’s truth that normally is hidden in a  few words or short sentences like. 2,23-24

* The sons of Israel groaned under their slavery… They cried to God for help

* God heard their sigh… God remembers his covenant… God looked upon  the Israelites… God revealed himself to them.

- The mother can forget her son but God cannot forget us. Is.49,15

- God, in the desert, carried you just as a father carries his son, not for 40  years but to… eternal life. Dt.1,29-33 ; Is.40,11 ; 46,3-4 ; 66,13.

9 Exodus, is not a chronicle but a song of love for Israelites and for all  the people who are slaves of any kind of physical or spiritual  slavery.

- God : HeardRememberLooked atRevealed

- The writer insists about the love of God for Israelites and of each one of us   even if we are rebels and stubborn.

10 He  who does not  follow the inspiration of God when he warns him  to run away… deserves to fall into it.    St.G.B. May 2

- Lower yourself as much as you can because he will come to find you out  and he will embrace you.   St.G.B.May 3

11 - “ Father we praise you for your presence and action in the world.

      In the midst of conflict and division we know it is you who turns our minds to thoughts of peace

     Enemies begin to speak to one another.  Those who were estranged join  hands in friendship and nations seek the way of peace together…

     hatred is quenched by mercy and vengeance gives way to forgiveness.”

       (Euch .P. Reconc.II). 


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