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Gal.1,13-24 ; 2,1-14

 1 – The evil was always the only thought in man’s heart. Gen.6,5.

- God decided to choose some  persons for the salvation of humankind  slave of idolatry… injustice… immorality… oppression of the poor.

- God chose : Noah, Abraham, Moses,  Kings, Prophets…

- Deluge, slavery, exile were the school that God used for teaching people the way to come back to God, the lovable Father.

- About 2.000 year ago, God himself, through Jesus Christ, came to redeem us  giving us a new heart, ready to obey and to cooperate with him. Ex.36,16-36.

- God, did not only start the history of salvation but he wanted to accompany  us during our difficult journey, living near us in the Eucharist.

 2 – After  Joseph’s death, the Israelites lived in Egypt for about 430 years working as slaves, building the towns of Rameses, Pithon and Pyramids.

- All those events happened about 5.000 years ago.

- So, we should read those stories, not literally but, we have to understand  that God was preparing the salvation of mankind, using human persons, with their culture, mentality, history and… sins.

3 – In Egypt, the most important gods, were the King Pharaoh , the river Nile,  the Sun and calf… with many others gods, fighting each other.

- The river Nile, was not just a river, but a living god, because through his inundations, could give life to thousands of people.

- The Kings Pharaoh, were the owner of land and lives of the people,

       So, all of them, must  worship, honour and obey them.

4 –The Egyptians, had a special veneration for the dead persons as we can see  from the embalmed body of mummies conserved into the Pyramids which  were not only the tombs of important persons, like the Kings, but they were great archaeologic, scientific and religious monuments manifesting  the knowledge, and faith of the Egyptians of that time.

- Most of the people, were ignorant slaves, very few of them could write read  even if, the writing was discovered in Mesopotamia  6.000 years ago.

5 – God, promised Abraham,that he should became a great nation. Gen.12,1-2

- In Egypt, the Israelites, increased enormously.

- The Egyptians started to be afraid of them so, the King ordered  to persecute and to humiliate them imposing a very cruel and painful  slavery and throwing their children into the Nile.

6 – During that slavery, Yahweh ordered Moses, about 3.000 years ago  to take the Israelites back to Canaan… Palestine… through a journey that lasted 40 years, as we can see in the map

- This is the story, that we will try to know from now on, which is written especially in the book of Exodus.

7 – Most deceitful is the human’s heart.

     I Yahweh, search the heart and penetrate the mind.

     I reward, each one, according to his ways and the fruit of his deeds.

     Blessed is the man who puts his trust in Yahweh. Jer.17,7-10.

- Happy the one who finds wisdom and gains insight.  Prv.3,13

8 – Give  thanks to God the Lord, for he is good, for his love endures forever.

   They cried to the Lord in anguish and he rescued them from their distress.

   He led them by a straight way to a city (Canaan) where they could dwell.

   They lived like prisoners, for they rebelled, against the word of God.

   Their backs bent in hard labor.

   They cried to the Lord in anguish and he rescued them from the distress.

    By his blessing their numbers increased.   

    Let the wise consider all this and understand Lord’s infinite love.Ps.106-7,1-43     

  * Obedience is to be shown in everything. It must be integral, prompt, strong  and humble.  St.G.B. Jan.24,

9 –The teachings that we find in the book of Jeremy, Proverbs, Psalms and in  St. Gaspar are the problems that we will find also in the daily life of stubborn Israelites always ready to complain against God and Moses.

- God’s infinite love, for Israel and for us, is summarized in the Psalm .135-136

     - God does great marvels… He made the heavens and the lights…

       He split the Sea… Led his people through the desert.. He gave their land…

         He remembered us… He freed us…  Give thanks to the God of heaven     because… his kindness endures forever

10 – The O.T. can be summarized in the calling of Abraham. Gen.12,1-20

         And is Exodus 1-15, which happened in the year 1445 ? ? ?  B.C.

- In that book, the author Moses, tells us about the birth of Moses…

       The slavery of the Israelites in Egypt for 430 years… Israel as people…

       Covenant between God and Israel… Laws… Ex.17,14 ; 24,4 ; 34,27 ; Nm.3,2

- The  story of Pentateuch ( Five books :  Genesis – Exodus – Leviticus

     – Numbers  - Deuteronomy ) is not a chronicle, is not done by a single person  and at the same time. Is the whole History of Salvation. Ex,19,5 ; 24,8.

- So we cannot read everything literally but according the will of God and… the intentions of the authors. ccc. 109    

- Exodus is an historical book because it tells about the merciful God who took care of Israel like a mother. Is.49,15

- And, at the end, Jesus became man for the salvation of mankind.

11 – May  God, help us, to be humble and obedient to his voice who is  teaching us the way of salvation.


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