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 1 – Jacob  and Joseph want to be buried in Macpela. Gen.49.29 ; 50,25.

- It is not a place, that makes us worthy of eternal life but our deeds. Jn.5,28-9

- We all have to appear before the tribunal of Christ, to receive what we  deserve for our good or evil deeds. 2Cor.5,10

- The body, is sown in decomposition, it will be raised never more to die.

       When buried, it is a natural body, but it will be raised as a spiritualbody.1Cor,15,42-44.

- Jesus will transfigure our lowly body making it like his own body. Phil.3,21

- God will raise us to life, giving us, a place with Jesus, in heaven. Eph,2,6

2 – Joseph, was very humble and, he served his brothers.    He said : 

   - “ God has sent me ahead to save your lives ”.  45,5-8.

  - “ Don’t be afraid I am not God for punishing you…

         I will provide for you ”. 50,19-21.

   - We have to practice modesty in all matters.  St.G.B. Jan.21.

3 – When Jacob died Pharaoh’s officials, the elders and Jacob’ sons  in a very imposing caravan, accompanied him to Palestine. 50,9.

4 – What make person famous are not his words but his deeds

I was hungry… thirsty… stranger… naked… in prison… and  you came to help me… Come blessed of my Father. Mt.25,34-36.

   * At the end of a man’s life, his deeds, will be revealed. Sir.11,27

* Jesus said that, the people of this world, are more astute than are the people of light but, the dishonest steward… will fail. Lk.16,1-8. Ps.112,10

5 – The people, have their own way to manifest their belief in the eternal life

         Can be :  a cave… tree…  mountain…  sea… graveyard...

- Pyramids : are not only a tomb but, scientific monuments for embalmed  bodies in need of food, servants and money for their eternal life.

- Mummy : with money in the mouth, to pay for traveling from this life  to another kind of life that was called Hades , Sheol.

- For people, starting their long journey to the eternity, their relatives used  to make some salutation ceremonies :

   At Atad they carried out a solemn and long lamentation for seven days 50,10.

- In our time, many person are afraid of spirits so they do external actions like the explosion ofcrackers… Sacrifices… Some put on masks…

         Others make a parody with  Halloween… Others change their names…

         Others follow painful traditions. 1Kgs.18,20-40

- Reincarnation : for giving people the chance to restart a new better life.

-Paradise: is  word known everywhere, indicating the happiness that we  should have here and especially after death. Gen.2,8-15.

-Euthanasia : the way to stop our suffering life and to start a new life

6 –The  answer to all these wrong interpretations, came from Jesus who clearly talked about eternal life, even if he could not explain in all details because  we cannot understand what is out of our physical experiences.

7 -St. Paul told us : Eye has not seen, ear has not heard… but God has prepared heaven for those who love him. 1Cor.2,9.

- I go to prepare a place after I will come back to take you. Jn.14,1-31

- If any hear my voice and open the door, I will come into their house and eat with me. I will give the right to sit beside me on my throne… Rv.3,20

- Eternal life is to know the Father and Jesus, who he sent. Jn,17,1-26 

- To Jesus, alone immortal, who lives in unapproachable light and whom  no one has ever seen or can see , to him be honor. 1Tim.6,16.

8 – We are sure, about eternal life, because Jesus and the Virgin Mary many times, manifested themselves alive and near us.

- Every year, we celebrate the solemnity of All Saints and the Faithful Departed because we believe in the eternal life.

- We pray for them asking God to forgive their sins. 2Mc.12,38-45

9 – Many songs and prayers, manifest our faith in the eternal life.

We will go to see God Father, with Jesus our  brother.

      To love the Holy Spirit, who lives in our spirit.

To heaven to heaven to heaven, to enjoy eternal life.

- In the last prayer, before burying the body of our beloved once

      the priest says : The Angels may take you into paradise.

10 – From now on, we have to talk about Hebrews, Israelites, Jews

         so we should understand the meaning of those words.

- Hebrews-Apiru it means foreign, nomads,without land.Gen.14,13; Ex.1,16.19.

     But Abraham, bought a piece of land as a grave. Gen.23,9-20 ; 49,30-32 ; 50,13

     So they are not nomads any more but owners.

- Genealogies : are not just a long list of names of ancestors but are documents

    proving that people of Israel has the right to stay in Palestine because

   God himself gave this land to Abraham and his descendants. Gen5,5 ; Mt.1,1.

- Jews : from Judah, Jacob’s son, living in the southern part of Palestine.

    The Romans call that part Judea.

- Judaizing-Judaizers, want to follow the teaching of  the O.T, only

     And David as a King. 931 B.C…. They refuse Jesus as God.

* St Paul was very sorry for their obstinacy and prayed for their conversion. Gen.29,35 ; 49,8 ; Rm.9,1-7 ; 11,25-26 ; Gal.2,14.

- Israel : God changed Jacob’s name. They used to live in the northern part of Palestine until the destruction of their kingdom…. After that Israel indicated  all the people living in Palestine. Gen.32,29 .

- This land has many names : Canaan – Palestine - Promised Land-

        Land of Hebrews –Israel – Land of Jews – Holy Land – Jesus’s Land

- Most of the peoples living near Palestine have Abraham…Isaac…  Jacob… 

      as their ancestors so, they are brothers and they should cooperate.

-  Unfortunately Joseph’s words : do not quarrel… is still a reality. Gen.45,24 

11 – Now, there are two different countries : Israel and Palestine.

     So, many places, where Jesus was born, preached and died…will be in these two different countries.        Segue Pg.163


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