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 1God will bring you back to the land of your fathers. Gen.48,21.

-Jacob, at the age of 100 ? or 147 years old ?,  before to die, called Joseph’s sons and, with Joseph’s  displacement, blessed  Ephraim first  and after that Manasseh and…  adopted them saying

       In them may, my name live on and, that of my father’s Abraham and Isaac  and may they increase greatly on the earth . 48,14-20. Gen.1,28

- After that Jacob called the 12 sons and blessed them but, once again  not following the law of the first born but, choosing the fourth one, Judah to be the new leader of all. Gen.49,1-28

- The lion of Judah,the Root of David, has won the right by his victory, to open the scroll, with the seven seals . Rv.5,5.

- A proverb said that : All murders, the devil ( truth) will out.

- Jacob, many times, tried to decide by himself about his life and his sons’ life

     Now, he understood that God must be over all and, to cooperate with him.

2 –This story also, has many useful teachings for all of us.

- In the past, to have many children, was a blessing of God.

- In our time, by word we love family and children but, in reality many laws  and public structures, are against, are destroying families.

-  The mass media, in very sophisticated ways, are teaching us the beauty of free love… and to get married with any gender.

- They present the convenience of one child only and that one should be male.

- If, for any reason, we do not want a baby, we can avoid pregnancy just with a  pill… or eventually with abortion.

- If, for any reason, we cannot have a baby, we can use artificial insemination…   or, surrogate mothers.

* Surrogate mothers : is a threefold crime, because is a known, voluntary  and paid business. Nobody can freely give or sell something that is not his complete property. The coming baby, does not belong completely to  the surrogate mother nor to the aspirant parents.  To generate or to receive  or to donate a baby, is not like a generous donation of a kidney. Baby is a  person. Baby must have the DNA of the real parents and to be educated by  them. We cannot compere a progeny of a baby with adoption, or merciful care. To have a baby is a good aspiration, a possibility, not a right.

     Nobody can abuse of his body or destroy women’s dignity for business.   

* For surrogate mothers, can be a good occasion, for resolving their economical   problems earning, in few months, more money than to work all the year.

* So, everything is a business, without love and respect, for the human dignity      regardless of the consequences that can affect the future children  because of the  defects, coming from three or more parents.

3 –The going down of Jacob to Egypt, will start the slavery that will last  for about 450 ? ? years, with the elimination of many Hebrew children thrown  into the river Nile.

- But we are indifferent about the many kind of  slaveryof our time :

        drug, smoking, prostitution, corruption, hedonism, migrants, gender, child solders,  fundamentalism, divorce…

4 – A test was done about the seven wonder of the world : answers

          Pyramids – Grand Canyon – St Peter Basilica – Great Wall of China

          ISS international station – CNEL – Infinity of the universe…

- One person says : to see, hear, speak…sells… the womb of mother

- The things that we overlook as simple and, ordinary and, that we take for  granted  are truly wondrous… and especially, God’s decision, to choose the woman, Mary, to be mother of God.

5 – We could go on, with thousands of other  examples taken from our personal life or… from Israel or… human story...

- God, Jesus, the perfect man, and infinite love, humbled himself, to come  with us and using, each one of us, for the salvation of others. Phil.2,5-11

6 The many gifts from God… are telling us that, each one of us, can be Joseph or devil.  Rm.11-12 ; 1Cor.12,4-31.

- We can use our intelligence, gifts, money, time, knowledge, faith… to save our brothers or to destroy them.

-The history of salvation, is not a tale but, is a reality that is in our hands.

-The body is one, even if formed by many members but not all of them with the same function.

- We are many but one body in Christ, depending on one another.

- Let each one of us serve according to our different gifts… Rm.12,4-7

7 – There is diversity of gifts, ministries… works but the Spirit is the same.

- The Spirit reveals his presence, in each one, with a gift that is also a service.

- One is, to speak with wisdom… Another teaches… believes… healing…

   Miracles.. tongues… prophecy… men… women… priest… married… single.

- Another has the gift to recognize what comes from the good or evil spirit.

- And all of this, is the work of the one and only Spirit.

- We are one body and, we belong to the same body as foot, hand, ear, eye….

- The eye, cannot tell the hand : I do not need you….

- God himself, arranged the body in this way… The body may not be divided  but rather, each member, may carefor the others

- When one suffers, all of them suffer, and when one receives honor all rejoice together… 1Cor.12,4-31.

8 – Bless is the one who fears the Lord

- He gives generously to the poor, Joseph’s merits will last forever…

     The desire of the wicked will fail.  Ps.111-112,1-10.


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