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1I am Joseph, the one you sold to the Egyptians…

* God has sent me, before you, to save your life. 45,3-5…

* Don’t quarrel on the way 45,24

- These passages can be the summary of Joseph’s story.

- But, unfortunately Joseph’s story, is not finished yet because every day  in some part of the world, there are slaves, poor, starving, that like Joseph  are sold and must leave their countries… to die in the sea… or, to do humiliating jobs, just to survive.

2 –Joseph’s brothers and Benjamin went back to Egypt… Offered the gift  they had with them  and bowed to the ground before that man (Joseph).   Gen.37,7.9 ; 43,26.28 ; 44,14. 

3 –After eating and drinking and… to be free… 43,18  they went to sleep.

- Joseph told his steward to fill the men’s sacks with as much food as they can  carry and put back money and put his cup in the sack of Benjamin. 44,1-2.

- Next morning the men were sent away. 44,3

- Joseph said to his steward to arrest those men because… they have stolen Joseph’s personal cup. w.5

-They denied any stealing and said that the one who stole the cup must die. w.9

-The searching began with the eldest and ended with the youngest

      The cup was found in Benjamin’s sack. w.13

-The brothers returned and threw themselves on the ground before Joseph. w14

- Judah said :We must be your slaves because God has uncovered our guilt.

-Joseph said : Only the man found to have the cup will be my slave. w.16-17

4 – Joseph wants to test his brothers’ love for Benjamin…

      He wants Benjamin to stay with him in Egypt…

      If they love him, they should not have abandoned him.

- The writer, wants to prepare us, to understand the importance of Judah,  who, will receive the blessing from Jacob and, become the new leader.

The scepter shall not be taken from Judah. (Judean-Jew-Jewish) .49,10.

And from Judah’s tribe, Jesus, will be born. Rm.9,3-5.

- Judah said : Let me take the place of the boy and stay here as slave. 44,18-34

5 – As Joseph understood that, his brothers loved Benjamin, he could no longer  control his feeling and he called out :

      Leave my presence everyone… He wept loudly and said…

      Come closer… I am Joseph your brother… the one you sold  to the Egyptians… God has sent me before you to save your lives.45,1-4

- Joseph kissed and embraced his brothers and  Benjamin. w.14.

- Pharaoh invited Jacob’s family to go to Egypt and to stay in Goshen. 45,10

6 – The true love, not only forgives, the sinners but, finds excuses also. 45,5-9

- Father forgive them, for they do not know what they do. Lk.23,34.

- Joseph, is a prototype of the future Saviour, Jesus Christ.

7 –Joseph was very happy to see his brothers but he knew very well their  character so, when they were leaving he told them :

Don’t quarrel on the way. 45,24.

- Unfortunately, that quarrel, is not finished yet,because in all  countries

    where there are descendants of Abraham, Lot, Judah and… especially on

    what is called Jesus’s land, every day, there are fighting, migrants, who  must leave their countries, searching for a new land and a place to survive.

8 – The sins that cry to heaven said  NO…  Oppression of poor… Injustices.

- Benjamin, is only one of many persons that are unjustly oppressed because  of their nationality, skin, gender, religion… because of mafia, drug, corruption

- Newsmen, invent false stories, scoops, just to fill their papers, careless

     if they were destroying the reputation of  political or religious leaders.

- Also the religious celebrations, like ChristmasAll Saints, Halloween  and family, can be used as a means to manipulate the freedom of person… making brain-washing… And make money.

- War criminals, are condemned only if it is useful for some countries  or businessmen, without repaying persons who had to suffer for years.

- The international organizations, have good programs but, many times they cannot intervene because of veto, or fear, to touch the interests of super powers

- So,the fraternal correction, done with wisdom and love, is a must as Joseph did, with his brothers. Gen.45,24 ; Mt.18,15-18.

9 – O Lord, rich in mercy, you constantly offer pardon and call on sinners to trust in your forgiveness alone. You, never  turned away from us.

 Every day, you set before your people a time of grace and reconciliation  and you grant them hope in Jesus Christ. ( E.P. for reconciliation ).


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