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 1 – After seven years of plenty, seven years of famine started in Egypt and Canaan as, Joseph had said. Gen. 41,29-42

- Jacob = Israel told his sons, to go to buy grain in Egypt but, he sent them Without, the beloved son, Benjamin. 42,1-5

- Famine, was and, it is also in our time, a very frequent and horrible plague  for many people living along the  river Nile.

2 – As the ten brothers arrived, from Canaan w.10-15  to Egypt…

     - They bowed before Joseph  w.6…   Gen,37,7.9.

      - Joseph, recognized them but, through an interpreter w.23

      - spoke harshly to them… asking many questions and…

      - treating them as spies. 42,7-9.

3 – They said that were twelve brothers, sons of the some father. The youngest, is with the father and the other is no more. w.13

- Joseph said : If this is a truth, one of you, is to go and fetch your brother and  all the others, will be imprisoned. w.16

4 – After  three days, Joseph said : I am a man who fears God. w.18 

   ( and Joseph probably says in low voce… not like you who sold me )

- If you are sincere, let one of your brothers remain prisoner… and he chose Simeon w.24 the second born as hostage.

- The rest of you, take the grain to save your families from famine.

- Then, you will bring back your youngest brother.

- Joseph could not permit the starvation of many innocent of his family.

5 – The  conscience, starts to work in the heart of the brothers  :

Reuben, who wanted to save Joseph 37,21said :

We are guilty, because of the way we treated our brother when he pleaded with us for mercy, but we didn’t  listen.w.21-22; 43,14.23

6 – Joseph ordered, their sacks to be filled with wheat and their  w.25

money replaced in the sack and provisions be given them for the journey.

- When they emptied the sacks, they found their money and they were afraid.

- What is this that God has done to us ? w.28.

* God is knocking to their heart asking them… to repent…

7 – When they had eaten the grain from Egypt, Israel told his sons  to go down again and to buy food  43,2  but, without Benjamin.

- After Reuben w.37  and  Judah  43,9 guarantee for him, he agreed.

8 – Jacob  = Israel, trusts in God but, above all, he trusts in his wiles so…

- He gave, to his sons, some products of the land… honey… gum… myrrh…      pistachio.. nuts… almonds and… double the money… w.11-12

May God Almighty grant you mercy

        So that, he will allow you to bring back Simeon and… Benjamin. 43,14.  

9 – This simple story, once again, stress the infinite God’s lovewho, through  theGifts of the Holy Spirit, present in Joseph, wants to help

       the people of Egypt… Joseph’s brothers and all mankind

 * Wisdom – Understanding – Counsel – Fortitude – Knowledge – Piety

     – Fear of the Lord.Ccc.1845.  Rm.12,1-21 ; 1Cor.1-31 ; 13,1-13.

- Wisdom : Joseph, has to decide how to deal with the new situation without his father’s protection and in the state of slavery.

- Understanding : When we are into the storm… temptations… suffering…

     We can  make wrong decisions that can affect our physical and spiritual life

- Counsel : Political and religious leaders… parents… single person…every day, must take very difficult decisions…

      In that moment, we have to find a trustful person, that can help us.

     Joseph, was the light for the prisoners… Pharaoh… and his family…

     giving them, the right advise for saving many people during the famine.

- Fortitude : It is a gift that can help us to serve others with generosity without      discouragement… without abusing of authority… Acting with justice.

- Knowledge : It is a gift that help us to know the real God… 

      To find the wise man who, should help us to resolve our problems… and  to find the right solution for all the people coming from different countries.

- Piety : To recognize that we are children of God.

         To trust in the Providenceof God, who took careof Noah, Abraham

         Isaac, Jacob and now through Joseph wants to save many people. 45,4-8

* Perfect love, drives away fear, for fear, has to do with punishment.1Jn.4,11-18

* When they saw Jesus walking on the lake they were terrified.

        Don’t be afraid, it’s me. Mk.6,45-52.

- Fear of God : Is not the fear of a slave person but, a respectful love between        parents  and children with  the only fear of doing not enough for serving  brothers or,  not following the inspirations of God who is taking care of his children on time of storm… sufferings… famine… 42,18 ; 45,4-8

10 – How  precious are, these considerations, especially in our time, when we can know, in a few minutes, about the calamities happening around  the world but, after that, almost every time, there are people misusing  donations for personal advantage or for abuse of the needy.

11 – If  anyone, enjoys the riches of this world but closes his heart when  he sees his brothers in need how will the love of God remain in him ?

         Let us love not only with words but in truth and in deed. 1Jn,3,17-18.

- Give and it will be given to you and you will receive in your sack good measure full and running over. Lk.6,38.

- Blessed are the merciful for they shall find mercy. Mt.5,6.

- Let your love for one another be sincere…

 love covers a multitude of sins. 1Pt.4,8.

 - Pure conscience is the seat of wisdom. St.G.B. Jan.25



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