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1 – Pharaoh, must choose an intelligent and wise man and, set him as supervisor over the land of Egypt. 41,33.

- Pharaoh said to Joseph : You will be over my house. Only I myself will be greater than you. w.40

- Pharaoh, took the signet ring from his finger and put it on Joseph’s finger.

- He clothed him in fine line and put a gold chain around his neck.

- He had Joseph ride in the chariot that was second only to his and  they cried out  Abreck = kneel down in front of Joseph. 41,37-43.

2 – At that time, Joseph was 30 years old, it means that he was adult. Lk.3,23.

- Joseph, had wife and two children

Manasseh = The one who helps to forget.w51

Ephraim = Who makes me fertile. w.52.

- Joseph, had authority, over everything and everybody…   So…

- The normal conclusion should be…  haughtiness… and to revenge against  anybody that did something wrong against him.

- On the contrary, Joseph will be very humble… ready to serve… to forgive…

* Blessed are those who are poor in spirit. Mt.5,3

* God has put down the mighty from their thrones.

      He has looked upon his servant in her lowliness. Lk.1,48. 52.

* The love of money is the root of every evil.  1Tim.6,1-17.

* Power, money, success, promise us life but, they give death.

* If we live by the Spirit, let us live in a spiritual way.

        Let us not be conceited.

        Let there be no rivalry or envy of one another.

        Carry each other’s burdens. Gal.5,25-26 ; 6,2

3 –All these teachings, prepare us to know Joseph’s good spirit.

- God, is in the heart of every person and helps each one of us to do what is the best for our eternal salvation.

4 – Joseph, as soon he received the duty, to care for the future of Egyptians, he started to go around and collected everything that could be useful.

- He gathered up all the food that was produced during seven years. Stored huge quantities of wheat like the sand from the sea. w.48-49

5 – After talking, about the negative aspects of our life, the capital sins, we should know also the many positive aspects like the

* Gifts of the Holy Spirit.   

* Natural Virtues who make the person mature, responsible and lovable. 

* Virtue : Is a habitual but, firm disposition, to do good. Ccc.1833.

- The Human Virtues, govern our acts, order our passions and guide our conduct.    We can summarize them with the four cardinal virtues :

Prudence , Justice, Fortitude  and  Temperance. ccc. 1834

- All these virtues, are present in Joseph’s life and doing.

- He did not accuse his brothers or Potiphar wife.

- He gave good advice to Pharaoh  suggesting to him what he should do  for the good of his nation.

6 –Joseph, after receiving power, money, glory, he was guided by the gifts of the Holy Spirit, as we will see in the future so, he did not abandon himself  to arrogance, corruption, drug, alcohol, hedonism, exploitation of women, children, poor, as we can see, in many religious and political leaders of our time. But he took loving care of his family.

7- When the famine started and, the people cried  for food…

- Pharaoh told them : Go to Joseph and do as he tells you… w.55.

- Joseph, Prudent person, did not give everything free, to appear as  benefactor… to receive homage or…  to have more personal benefits.

- He opened all the store-houses and sold grain. w.56

- He sold grain, to teach to joint responsibility, because he knew that the famine will last for 7 years and all the people, in the Nile area and  surrounding countries, as Palestine, were coming asking for food. 

8– Onthe moment of emergency, it is very difficult to control emotion and do  everything with Justice, without favouritism especially with our relatives. Joseph, sowed his wisdom and maturity, taking care of everybody without humiliating the needy.

9Fortitudeis another important Joseph’s virtue, it means that he carried on his duty, not for few days… because of TV… or  for the benefit of few persons only, but for seven years and, for all the needy, without distinction of gender, nationality or religion.

10 - Temperance :  controlling himself, without abusing of women, children, poor, as we can see also in our time and in many countries.

- If we do not believe in God, we will treat others as an object to use only for  our benefit but, Joseph all the time, did his duty putting God before himself.

- So Faith, Hope, Love, are the basic virtues for any good doing, for any person and for any time.

11 – Sir  4-7 said that, giving alms, is the best way to expiate our sins.

- Joseph, is good example, of generosity for all of us.

12St. Gregory of Nyssa said : Those who are in a position of authority must  look after their brothers as conscientious teachers, looking after the young  children who have been handed over to them by their parents.

      If both, disciples and masters, have this loving relationship, then subjects  will be happy to obey whatever is commanded, while superiors will be  delighted to lead their brothers to perfection.

     If you try to outdo, one another, in showing respect, your life on earth will be like that of the angels in heaven. ( Br.4.Week 26 Saturday). 


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