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1 –Populemeus quid fecitibi ? O my people what have I done to you ?

  In what way have I been a burden to you ? Mi.6,3

- Many times discouraged parents said  : Son, what have I to do for you ?

This crying started in heaven with Lucifer.  Was repeated with Adam… Israelites… and…  with each one of us.

2 – God , created everything good  but, the Angels try to deceive God

- Cain killed his brother Abel…  Esau wants to kill Jacob. Gen.27,41

* God asks  humanity…  What  have I to do ?  He gave his Son. Jn.3,16

3 – Isaac is near to death so,  he asked Esau to prepare a special food to  receiving his  blessing  and to be declared the firstborn. 27,4.

Rebekah, who loved Jacob, was ready to be cursed w. 13 and convinced  Jacob  to deceive the blind father and to be declared the firstborn. 27,6-17.

* The women and specially the mothers should be the sun of the family but     sometimes, moved by false love, they can become a devil.

4 –The author, talking about Esau’s clothes and goatskin  w.15, presents    the importance of conscience which starts to cry out  telling that what  Rebekah and Jacob were doing was a big sin.  Gen.27,18-24.

- The conscience,(Isaac),  three times, asked Jacob : How are you ?

* When the devil enters in the heart of a person he can do any kind of sin…

   He can betray and deny Jesus. Mt.26,20-25…32-35  Corruption… mafia…

5 –Isaac blessed Jacob,w25-29  making him boss in the family…

- For the red Esau… only submission and crying  27,34.38  with… the intention of killing Jacob

- But he escaped to Laban’s house because through him… and through his     many sufferings  God… planned to fulfill the history of salvation.  

-  Esau is hot tempered but generous in fact he will go to welcome his brother     Gen.33,1-4.   - Love your enemies… Don’t be a judge… Lk.6,27-38    

 - Let this be the only debt of one another :  love.  Rm.13,8-10.

Slander… gossip… envy… are like a match that can fire a forest. Jas.3,1-10

Revenge and wrath, are abominable sins. Sir.28,1-3.

Smile  costs less than electricity but can make more light.

- Most deceitful is the heart… Only God can penetrate the mind. Jer.17,9-10.

6 –The long and shocking Jacob’s story, is very instructive for all of us.

 - Very frequent are parents’  preferences  for this or that child. Gen.37,3

Deceiving in the family… end in the tribunals or…   killings…

- There are polygamy… divorces… free love… old  or sick parents alone

* God, once again, cries out :  my people why you do not listen to me ?

7 – Deceiving  is a frequent sin done for hunger  of money… power

- But what is done in the dark will be proclaimed from the housetops Mt.10,27.

Jacob’s sins and, of any person, will be known all over the world.

    We have to take full responsibility, of our deeds,  in this world and for

     eternity. Ez. 3,16-21 ; 18,1-32 ; 33,1-20 ; Rm.8,31-39 ; Ef.6,10-20 Lk.13,31-35.

Curse be the cheater...  You have strayed from my way  and you caused   many to stumble because of your teaching.Why do we betray our brothers ?

     I let the people despise you and consider you unworthy. Mal.1,14 ;  2,8.10.

8 –The B. was written by man so,  they  underline more the defects of women

- Society and religions have different teachings about women.

- If a woman touches a Buddhist monk, it makes him impure.

- For Jesus, man and women, have different roles but the same dignity

- Jesus, was born from a woman - He will do many miracles for women.

- During his mission, Jesus was assisted,  by women.  Lc.8,1-3

- The first apparition, after the resurrection, was for Magdalena Jn.20,11-18

- The only person in heaven, with  body and spirit,  is lady Mary.

9 – On  631, Mahomet, who had many wives,  before he died, asked to be  taken and  die in the arms of his youngest and beloved wife Aisha.

- The Algerian, AssiaDjebar, who wrote a drama on Islamic women helps us   to understand  better  the problems of muslin women and Jacob’s  story.

- Mahomet’s wives, have power in politic, family, religion much more than  Muslim women of our time .

- From 1920 on, women started to lose their power, not because of the religion   but because of the  Marxist doctrine.

- Farmers, women and religion fell in the hands of dictators, fundamentalists   who interpreted  wrongly many of Mohamed’s teachings and traditions…

     forbidding women from school, politic, driving, family…

10 –Jacob, at that time, could not talk about petrol,  globalization,  gender  but     he understood that, with the power of firstborn, in his hands,  he could be the real boss over women… in the family… society…  religion.

- His human ambition, will cause him and,  to the people of any time, many     sufferings  as we can see in many countries today.

- This chain of sufferings will go on until we will permit Jesus to penetrate   human life and teach us to respect each other.

11 – So  we can pray O God, who are perfect unity and true charity, you have taught us to keep all the commandments by loving you and our neighbor,  grant us,  one heart… one mind and spirit of peace so that, the human family, may flourish in harmony…  unity and…  love.

 12 – St. Gaspar Bertoni

- Lack of prayer gives the devil the opportunity to tempt  us. Jan.30 ; 31

-When the road becomes much longer than we were prepared to walk our longing cools off

-The world needs to witness authentic examples of a truly evangelical life.  Febr.1 ; 18

-The evil of gossiping should not be developed by anyone  whatsoever in word  or gesture.


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