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1 – Zygote… gamete… spermatozoa…  ovocites… embryos. ? ? ?

   Many people know these words but very few know the quantity  the quality, the role… the size of those living things.

- But all people know that, if an unwanted pregnancy happens, we can use  the pill RU 486 and make an abortion without any problem. ? ? ?

2 – In the O.T. maternity was sacred and could start only by the will of God.

Sterilityonly  for women, was a curse  so, in the B. there are many  prayers done from sterile women in order to cancel that condition.

- For male sterility, today, is possible to manipulate the spermatozoa without to be worried about physical or moral problems. ? ? ?

3 –Rebekah’s story, give us the possibility to understand better about  the mentality of marriage in the O.T.

– Gen.2,7 said clearly that marriage and children are a gift from God.

          So children can be born only through natural union between  man and women  and the blessing of God.

- For Israelites marriage should be done  with Jewish tribes only…

- Absolutely no with Canaanites because it was a very serious danger to lose the unique faith in Yahweh.Gen.24,1-8.

5 –Abraham , at the age of 175, called Eliezer Gen.15,2, a very trustful servant and after a  solemn swearing, with the  touching of Abraham’s  genitals w.2

    he told him to go to Mesopotamia and to find a wife for Isaac. Gen24,10-11

6 – On that time, only the father and, in this case Laban  Rebehah’s brother      and God had the right to decide about daughter’s  husband. Gen.24,29.

- Eliezer, prayed to God, to indicate which one, of the many women, coming to draw water from the well, should be Isaac’s wife.  Gen.24,11-19

Laban ,after seeing the gifts given to Rebekah Gen.24,22.53 invited  Eliezer  to stay for 10 days,  and to take Rebekah as Isaac’s wife. Gen.24,55,

7 –The  swearing, done in front of Abraham  Gen.24,2-4  and  the will of God     urged  Eliezer to leave immediately and take Rebekah to Isaac.

     Rebekah agreed so they left Mesopotamia for Canaan. Gen.24,58-67.

8 – Today the will of God is useless because most of the couples are living  together until opportunity… business… humor… consent it

- But at the beginning was not like that  Mt.19,3-12 ; Mk.10,2-12.

- Do not touch the tree… Listen… Woe… If you have ears… Go and do…

- These refrains and many others will come out regularly telling us that God tries to understand the requirements of human beings but in the same time  teaches what is right or wrong and what we must  do in our daily life.

9 -  Abraham ,Gen.25,1… Esau. Gen.26,34 ; 28,9… Jacob…  Moses…

    polygamy and divorce  become tradition and law because of their  stubborn heart… But in the beginning was not so… Mt.19,1-10… So, 

- If your hand…foot…eye…intelligence…heart… technology... traditions  are occasions of sin or…   scandal…  cut it away. Mk.9,38-48 .

10 – O.T. and N.T. are like the two wheels of the same bicycle, motorcycle,  cars… You cannot take one out.  They explain each other. Ccc.129

- The authors in the O.T. said that the Messiah will  do this and that and, when Jesus came he used the O.T. very often to confirm that he was God

-You are not yet fifty years old, and you have seen Abraham.? Jn.8,57

- We know your father mother you are a carpenter.  You are not  God.

- Jesus answered … If you do not accept me the stones will cry out…Lk19.40

- Bless those  who does not take offense at me… believe in me and follow my    teaching  about God  Father… faith… moral… family…   Mt.11,1-25

11 – Ccc.1601-1666  teaches about marriage…  women  and family.

- Peter and Paul said that wife and husband  both of them,  came from God

      They have the same dignity and duty to love, but  different  roles.

      They should sanctify each other.1Pt.3,1-2 ; 1Cor.7,14.

12- When God wanted to start something important…  chooses sterile women   

     Sarah… Rebekah  mother of Jacob who gave the name to the Israelites

       Anna… Noemi… Ruth… Maccabeus’ mother… Esther…  Judith...

       Elisabeth… Mary, mother of God and of the Church.

13 – Man  and  women different gender different roles but, the same dignity.

Priests, can transform the bread and wine into body and blood of Jesus

      But, they must be born from women.

      Most of the social and charitable works are in the hands of women

Mary the lovable mother, appeared many times to exhort us to convert  and to follow Jesus’ teachings.

14 – Ecological  education, can take place in the school, media, catechesis,     but specially in the family, which is the place in which  life can be welcome and protected and develop.

- The family is the heart of the culture of life.

- In the family we first learn how to show love and respect for life.

- In the family, we are taught the proper use of things order and cleanliness.

- In the family we receive an integral education.

- In the family we learn to say thank you and to ask forgiveness

- These simple gestures of heartfelt courtesy help to create a culture of shared     life and respect for our surroundings ”.   Laudato si  N. 213.

15 –These  words will help us to understand why in the past and today there  are so many problems in the society and in the Church.

- The next story will talk about the rivarly between two brothers.

- After that we will see the importance of the good example from the parents

      And to have the same religion for the peace and prosperity of the society.

16 – One  day Jesus sent the apostles two by two for preaching. Mk.6,7-13

- Wife and husband are already, by nature, a couple and, one heart.

     They  should love and work together for their reciprocal sanctification and for the education of their children.

- The stories, that we will meet from now on, will tell us that the love and     cooperation in the family, very often, is only a beautiful theory… but  very far from reality.   

17 – Readings

-The pretty woman without discretion is like a gold ring in the snout of a pig.Prv.11,22

-A good wife is her husband’s crown while the shameless woman is like a cancer in his bones. Prv,12,4

-Better the corner of a barn to live in than a house shared with a raging woman. Prv.21,9

-Better to live in a deserted place than with a raging and abusive woman. Prv.21,19

-The woman of character is more precious than any jewel. Prv.31,10

- She brings her husband only good all the days of her life. Prv.31,12

-She speaks wisely… she is never idle. Prv.31,26.27.

-Charm is  deceptive and beauty useless. The woman who is wise is the one to praise Prv.31.30

-I find woman more bitter than death. Her heart is a snare and her arms chains

     He who pleases God will escape from her. But the sinner will be caught Eccl.7,26

-Enjoy life with the wife you love all the days of the meaningless life Eccl.9,9

 -Wis. 3,13-19 ; 4,1-6 ; Sg.1-8 ; 1Cor.7,1-17 ; 1Pt.3,1-7 ; 1Tm.2,9-15 ; Mk.10,1-9.





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