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 1 – Meaningless… All is meaningless.    Vanitas  vanitatum

- What has been done before will happen again.  There is nothing new  under the sun.  Eccl.1,2.9.   Nihil sub sole novum.

- Many persons know the names Sodom and Gomorrah but not the meaning  and the moral consequences  of those stories.

2 – Sodomy  is the sin done by man with another man…

- Mass media, describe any pornographic sin with many curiosities.

- At contrary, the biblical authors, just with few lines, tell us why Sodom and Gomorrah were  destroyed

* How great is the cry… and how grievous is Sodom’s sins. Gen. 18,20

      The young and old men of Sodom called Lot asking him to send the guests out so that they may have sex with them.

- The merciful God  Gen.19,16.19  wants to save Lot and his relatives.

     Gen.19,  if  they repent from their sins.

*  In the desert Yahweh carried you just a father carried his son. Dt.1,31

* God did not make death nor does he rejoice in the destruction of living.

      He has created everything for our good. Wis.1,13-15

* As you distanced yourself from God return to him and seek him ten times  more earnestly . For he who caused these evils to fall on you will bring you  salvation and eternal joy.  Bar.4,28-29

- Only those who do not trust in God will die with the sinners.

* We are about to destroy this place… Then Yahweh rained on Sodom and     Gomorrah burning sulphur … He completely destroyed those town and  all the valley and all the inhabitants… and everything .Gen.19,11.12.24-5

Lot’s wife looked back and she became a pillar of salt. Gen.19,26.

- Not God but our sins are destroying us.

3 – So, the story of Sodom and Gomorrah  are our personal stories 

    - Now we can use other names, events Vulcan… earthquake… Tsunami…

    - But the conclusion is that a lot of persons have to die… because of many        reasons…  weather…  irresponsibility of the leaders… terrorism…

    - The authors summarized everything in two words… SODOMY  SIN

    - The people did not want to repent, to distance from sin, to return to God.

4 –The  B. uses to teach us very important truths with very short sentences Ex.

Go then and do the same. Lk.10,37.* Listen then, if you have ears. Lk.14,35

Woe to you Pharisees… sodomites… of every time. Mt.23,13 .

5 –The B. was written about 2.500  years ago by men.

- Most of the protagonists are men.   The name of women are remembered    because  of their sins :  Eve,  Raab, Tamar, Betsabea, Dalila, Dina, Rut...

- So God must be Father man. The salvation must come from Jesus man.

     But… there are many good examples of heroism from women  Hagar, Susanna, Anna, Rebecca, Debora,  Judith,  Ester,  Maccabeus’ mother… Elisabeth… MARY…

6 – Some people see  God as a ranger with a gun ready to punish anybody  without distinction between just persons and criminals.

    - But, chapters 18-20 insist about the merciful God : Abraham said to God :

   “ Will you really let just perish with the wicked ” ? Gen.18,23.

- Yahweh had mercy on Lot… You have shown me great kindness in saving my life.  Gen.19,16.19.

7 – Guests are Sacred so, we have to treat them with respect. Gen.18,3-8 ; 19,1-3

- But in the same time God must teach to his elected persons to respect all  starting from those who are living in our family… our daughters

8 – Abraham told Sarah to say that she is his sister. Gen.12,13 ; 20,2.12

Lot offered his daughters to the men of Sodom. Gen.19,8

- Abraham was ready to sacrifice his son Isaac. Gen.22,2

* God  watches with love over  Abraham, Lot , Abimelech  helping them to avoid any kind of sin.Gen.20,4

9Women seem to accept the wrong decisions of men  but  they have conscience, like men, and they know what is right and wrong even if, sometimes, for some reasons, they do wrong.

- In fact, Lot’s daughters, gave wine to the Father so he became unconscious  and he was not responsible  of the big sin of incest. Gen.19,31-34.

Sterility was seen as a punishment for sins.  So,  only a holy man a prophet could forgive that sin. Gen.20,7.17.

- The authors, understand the human weakness but, in the same time they teach us, in a very gentle way, that incest is a sin.

10  –The story of Sodom and Gomorra is not finished yet.

- Also in our time, we can see love for animals or suffering persons and  in the same time, abuses over poor… migrants… and, the elimination  of millions of innocent babies.

- Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.1Cor.6,19-20.

- You are risen with Christ… Set your mind on the things that are above…

    Put to death immorality,passions,idols,anger,evil intentions,lies. Col.3,1-11

11 – Each  sin  is an humiliation of human dignity but sodomy is symbol of       physical  or moral  destruction  of a person or conscience.

Parents has not the right to sell their bodies or their childrens. Gen.19,8   

12 – Lot’s daughters : All women want to be mother.  Gen.19,30-38

- Any artificial sterilization or birth control is a sin.

- Today, using sophisticate methods, we can create children at any time and  with the characteristics that we like.

    But what is technically possible many times  is  immoral.

- Lot’s daughters, tries to silence their conscience with wine.  Gen.19,32

       But they knew that they were doing something wrong.

-The desire to be mother, was good but, the method used, was wrong.

-The author, in a very gentle way, tries to excuse Lot, from the sin but…he clearly stressed  that incest, is an horrible sin.

- What is sin, is sin and cannot be transform in good. 

13 –God doesn’t want to punish us but to guide us to the truth. Rm.1,18-32.

- Blessed is the one whom God corrects… Reject not the lessons. Jb.5,17-18

     God strikes but he also heals… He cures the wounds he has inflicted.

- Yahweh has taught you as a father teaches his children. Revere him Dt,8,5-6

- For sodomites and immorality of any kind…  no salvation. 1Cor.6,9-10

- Flash and Spirit have opposite desires. Gal.5,16-21; 6,7-8

- No immorality, raft, gossip but, real love.  Col.3,1-11. 1 ;

- We have to choose what is  good  not sin .Phil.4,8-9

 14 – St.Gaspar Bertoni

- The evil of gossiping should not be developed for any reason.  Febr,18

Let no one correct another unless he is endowed with the authority. Febr.19

 When the Lord says enough we cannot respond I will continue. Aug.5


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