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 1 –In Hebrew language there are 3 important words

     Mizmor = Psalm .  Tadah to praise   and   Todah  praise.

- For many person to pray  is just to ask something from God,  but,  the first purpose of any prayer should be  to praise and to thank  as Jesus taught us in the prayer Our Father. Ccc. 2759 – 2865.

2 –Prayer should be done with faith, humble heart, frequent, together,  asking forgiveness, to be free from our sins… love.  Ccc.2558-2758

We pray not to force God to do our will but to do his will.

      To be transformed in Jesus, to know his will, taking away any obstacle,  and sin, to dispose our spirit to receive what God wants to give us.

3 – Gen.18,1-33  describes the meeting of Abraham with
( 3 persons. W.2  ?

      One person.  W.17 ?  .  2 persons.  19,1 ? )… God  ?  Trinity ?

- God is always willing to meet us if the door of our heart is opened.  Rv.3,20

        And if we are ready to cooperate with his plan of salvation.

* Plan of salvation and  Kingdom of God it is justice , peace and joy. Rm.14,17 

4 – “ Can  I  conceal from Abraham what  I  am  about  to  do ?...

      Abraham, is going  to become a great nation and through him

          all the nations will be blessed ”… Gen.1817-18

- God can do anything but he asks for the joyful  cooperation of mankind.

- Abraham  RAN  to meet them  W.2 … He  Hurried into the tent.  W.6 

      Sarah quick take three measures of flour    36 kg.   W.6…

      Abraham ran to the herd  had took a tender calf.  W.7…

     The servant hurried to prepare it.  W.7… Ran… hurry… quick

-  We cannot serve God with laziness. We have to prepare everything  in abundance and offer our cooperation  with  enthusiasm… joy… love.

5 – The most important teachings of this story are how to serve God

       And how we should talk with God, through our prayers.

- Our prayer must be humble but fervent.

- We should praise God and pray for others… Sodom…. Gen.18,22-32.

- We must believe that God is always ready to help us if we ask for something      that  is good for our spiritual and physical requirements.

- Prayer must be constant, not because  God is busy but, because   WE  have    to prepare our spirit to receive with gratitude what God is willing to give us.

6 – Abraham started his prayer with a very strong  exhortation

- “ Will you, God, really let the just perish with the wicked ”.  W.23  ?

- Perhaps there are  50 - 45 - 40 - 30 - 20 - 10  good  people in the town  ?

- God’s  answer  was : “ I will not destroy Sodom… and the sinners…

     If  in the town there are  10  good  persons… ”.

- The authors want to teach us how important is the prayer and  how the prayer of a good person can save the life of many other sinners.

- In the past the smallest  number for the liturgical prayer was 10

* Jesus said that if  2-3 persons are united asking for anything

     God will be with them and will be granted. Mt.18,19-20

* But the sinless Jesus, even alone, can forgive the sins of all. Lk.23,39-43

7 – For a good  prayer  we need  a humble  heart like the publican. Lk.18,10

 - The prayer can be done for any kind of requirements :

      To praise God…  Asking for faith… obedience…forgiveness… humility…  justice… health… healing… peace… comfort…

*  We have to transform our life in prayer.  Pray as if everything depended on  God and  work as if everything depended on you.  Ccc.2834

- Jesus, knows our weakness, problems,sins, and is always ready to help us, if we ask for something  good, for our physical and spiritual life.

8 – The silent God . Sometimes we fill that God is not listening to us.

- But God is like a very good mother, she knows what can be useful or  dangerous for her son  so, she will give to the baby not snake… not stones Mt.7,7-10  or what can be harmful… 2Cor.12,7 ; Rm.8,26-27.

-  Ephphetha. Mk.7,31-37  ;  Is.65,24  ;  Mt.6,8.  Our heart can be close.

9 – The  B. more than 1.000 times speaks about prayer.  Ccc.2562…

- The B. is a long prayer, it means, that God is talking to us. Ccc.2566

   We should  listen shema ) and be ready to cooperate with God. 2653.

10 – In  the B. there are many kinds of prayer :

- Prayer of Abraham.  Gen.12,4 ; 15,2-3 ; 18,23-33.  

- Moses’ prayer, asking forgiveness for the sin of idolatry. Ccc.2574-77.

- David’s prayer  for repentance after the adultery. Ccc.2578-2584.

Job’s  prayer, was in favor of the good  man that was suffering.

Psalms prayers  2598-2622  that should be done in the community.Acts1,14

Jesus  and Christian  Prayer . Ccc. 2598-2625

11 – Any kind of prayer , but specially the Eucharistic one, if it is well done  and  from the heart, must improve the spiritual life and our behavior.

-The people in the O.T. taught that, God was cruel, deaf, far from us but,  after praying  they understood that God was very near, was compassionate,  forgiving, merciful and lovable Father.

12 – The  best example how to  pray we can find  is Jesus Christ

- He used to pray at any time…  in the morning and evening…

       Mt.1,35 ; 14,23 ; 6,45 ; Lk.3,21 ; 5,16 ; 6,12 ; 9,18 ; 9,28 ; 11,1     

- Numerous are the teachings and examples of Saints about prayer.

13 – St .Gaspar Bertoni - Hospitality is to be shown to any person who come to  visit us  with all signs and actions of benevolence and charity . Febr,20 .

He who began and inspired the work will also bring it to fulfillment provided   we do not place obstacle in the way. Febr.21  - We should not anticipate the will of God so as not to confuse the work of man  with that of God. Febr.22


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