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    Gen. 15-16

 1 – In the B. we find  shocking words  : God  REMEMBERED  Noah

    Abraham… Rachel… Covenant… Gen. 8,1 ; 19,29 ; 30,22 ; Ex.2,24 ; 6,5

- To remember is an anthropomorphism telling  us that God is never  sleeping but, he respects  our freedom and waits… until  

    WE  REMEMBER  that God is near us.Mt.24,42-51

- God chose us from the mother womb before our birth. Is.44,2 .24 ; 49,1.15

   The mother can forget her baby… God will never  forget us.

- God loves all of us and he knows our names, gender, sins, mission…

- When God will change the name of his elects is because he knows that  person very well and he wants help that person  to remember his special  mission…  even if, like Judas, we will fail to fulfill his vocation.

- But also, through Judas failing, his program of salvation will be fulfilled.

2 – Everything : insects, trees, animals, universe, dark matter, mountains,  oceans, darkness  light, errors…  and,  each person, has a meaning  even if our limited  knowledge, immediately, cannot understand

3 – The events and persons, that we will meet, in the history of salvation  many times, seemed useless or harmful but, Joseph told his brothers…

      you sold me but, God has sent me before you to save your lives

     So, it was not you but, God who sent me here… Gen.45,4-8.

4 – Adam’s  sin, forced  Jesus’ incarnation.  Gen.3,14-15.

- The Deluge, was the beginning of a new humanity.Gen.9,9-11.

- But even if God, can transform evil in good, WE have to remember that each of our deeds have eternal effects…

    It was better for Judas not to have been born.     Mt.26,24

5 – Gnoshe  te auton, that is, you must know yourself… your dignity… mission     vocation… and try to act according God’s will not against him.

St. Paul wants to force God to free him from temptation but God told him

     my grace is enough for you.  2Cor.12,9

- We say : Your will be done but…  we want to force God to do our will.

- God gave us intelligence, freedom and he wants us to use those gifts…

     But…. we must follow God, not to precede him.

6 – God  is near us  Dt.4,7  but he respects our freedom… knowledge… and when  we decide to cooperate, he will give us all the graces we need.

    for the fulfillment of his program. 1Sam.28,3;Ger.27,9 ; Zac.10,2 ; Lev. 19,31 ; 20,6.

7 – The Imitation  of Christ said : I am accustomed to visit my elect in a  double fashion, that is, with temptation and with consolation.

      I rebuke them for their faults and, I exhort them to increase their virtues…

* Whatever you fail to understand in reading my words…

     will become clear to you on the day of your visitation.

* My son, surrender your heart, open your heart, to my wisdom and keep your eyes on my footsteps and you will become  a perfect man. Pr.23,26 ; 5,1 ; 4,20.

- Blessed is the man who puts his trust and confidence in God…

     He is like a tree planted near the water… Jer.17,7-8.

- Happy the one who finds wisdom… she is more useful than gold. Prv.3,13-15

8 – God is like a lovable mother who permits her son to fall down, to dirty his hand and clothes but, God will use our errors  for teaching all mankind, the right path to the eternal life.

9 –In the past and, also now, the VIP persons, want to have some heirs for giving them their health so…

- God promised to Abraham and childless Sarah , that they will have children more numerous than the stars in the sky and sand.Gen.15,5

- Because of his faith Yahweh held Abraham to be upright man. 15,6.

     Nothing is impossible to God.Gen.18,14 ; Ger.32,16-44 ; Zac.8,1-17 ; Lk.1,26-38

10 – Abraham  accepts Sarah’s suggestion to have children through Agar.

- God, has to accept human solution but, in the same time teaches and,  helps Abraham to perfect his imperfect faith.

- God, in a very human way, obliges himself, with a covenant,  doing everything according the tradition of that time…

* As the sun was going down a deep sleep ( ecstasy ?) came over Abraham

   And a smoking firepot and a flaming torch passed between the halves of the   victims  assuring Abraham that God will give that land… a son…

- If God, should not be faithful to his  promises, should be divided in pieces,  and killed like those animals.

- Once again God, is acting like parents with their children, because wants to help Abraham’s faith and, to assure him that, the covenant will be fulfilled.

 * Let us return to God… He will bind up our wounds… He will raise us up…

     Let us strive to know God… This love of yours is like morning

    mist and dew that quickly disappears

    It is love and knowledge that I desire, not sacrifice. Hos. 6,1-6

11 –The story Abraham-Sara, it seems just a curiosity but, Jesus only will give us the full meaning.

-  Abraham had a deep sleep… as it happened to  Adam. Gen.2,21

    Peter, James and John on the mount Tabor. Lc.9, 28-36.

- The heart of Jesus will be open and, from that heart, will flow the salvation, the church, the sacraments and millions of Abraham’s children… that is, all sinners and the believers in Jesus.   
      Mt.3,9 ; 8,11-12 ; 21,31 ; Rev.7,4-9.

12 –The  O.T. is full of symbols  that Jesus only will clarify.

     Jesus will die as the sun was going down  and when the darkness covered the earth, the hearts of the religious and political leaders…

      Jesus became the light for the thief Lc.23,39-43 ; Centurion. Lk.15,47-48 ;  and in the future, for 3.000 persons on Pentecost day. Acts 2,1-41.

13 – Old  and  sterile are  not Abraham and Sara only but, all the people that do  not want to accept Jesus’ teaching. 2Cron.36,14-23. Mk.7,1-23 ; Lc.4,16-30

God rich in mercy, wants to save all who trust in him. Ef.2,4-10.

14 –Yahweh in the O.T and Jesus in N.T are acting in the same way, that is usingcovenant… symbols familiar to the persons of that time but, in the same time they try to teach them how to cooperate with God.

- Some stories seemed too long : The Good Samaritan Lk.10,29-37. The prodigal son Lk.15,11-32…  The king and bad administrator Lk.16,1-8.

- The stories are only occasion to give to everyone the possibility to understand the real teaching of Jesus and to decide to follow him.

- When Jesus noticed the malice of the Pharisees, he was very straight and drastic: hipocrities… Snake… Tomb… Go and do the same…Evil spirit leave that person… sell everything and follow me.

- So if we want read the B. with spiritual advantage we should not loose time knowing thecuriosities but, to find the spiritual meaning given us by God and human inspired authors  

15 – St. Gaspar Bertoni : October. 10 ; 11 ; 13 ;

We must follow God never go ahead of him.

Let us trust in God, leaving him do who can do everything.

The soul becomes pure when it is detached from the earthly affections.

After having taken away the sins from a soul, the Lord wants to take away the   imperfections and the natural inclinations.

16 – As we can see, in this and many other stories, God adapts himself to the     mentality, traditions  of the people of that time, so it is possible to insert in  this picture teachingsthat are good for children, adults or for our personal spiritual grow and meditation.
* Sacramentals. Ccc.1667-1679…

* Natural law  and God’s grace. Ccc.1949 -1986

 * Grace and justification… merit…  holiness… Ccc.1987-2029


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