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 1 – God’s pedagogy is to communicate himself to man gradually. Ccc.53 .In fact, even if God has called Abraham, many times Abraham,  will make wrong decisions… But God will teach him, Pharaoh  and Sarah,  how to follow the will of God because Jesus, the only Saviour, will save humankind through imperfect persons like Noah, Abraham, Moses… Col.1,19-30 ; Act.4,12

2–How can a person decide to follow another person whom he did not know?

- Blessed those are hungry of justice, they will be satisfied. Ps.35,8-10 Mt.5,6

- Nobody can come to me if the Father did not call him. Jn.6,44-45

God, has his plan and, respecting the freedom of each person, he will invite them to follow and to do some things difficult for human nature.

- The reign of God is like a small seed, it starts with a sinful… person and after will develop and become a large tree with billions of believers. LK.13,18-21

God, will come in us through the door of our defects… sins and,  after that

   HE will save us in the way that he knows. Gen.12,1-9

3 –Adam,Noah and Abraham, three different persons, were called to serve God.

Adam, that is humanityrefuses God’s love.

Noah, we know very little, about this person… time… activities…

- Abraham, was born in Mesopotamia or Iraq. About 5.000 years ago. Through divine inspiration he left his country, to go to Canaan to start what now we call the people of Israel…    for the fulfilment of salvation.

- It is a mystery how Abraham, in a certain moment, decided to follow  the inspiration of an unknown God and become the father of faith even if he had many idols and many defects… As we will see in the future

4 – Because  of famine, Abraham went from Canaan to Egypt, where through lies and a sinful marriage, he became Pharaoh’s friend and relative.

- Humanly speacking, it was a very clever decision, because after that, he could move anywhere and nobody could  harm Abraham, Pharaoh’s relative.

* At that time, Abraham was 75 years old and Sarah beautiful ?. Gen.12,4.14

5 – Just  looking at this news, we understand that we cannot read this story leterally but, we have to find the real meaning between the lines.

- Pharaoh, probably, had already hundred or thousand  wives so…he did not need to get an old human ? as wife.

  * Please say to them that you are my sister so that it may go well with me.w.13

-  Sister : That was true 50%  because Abraham and Sarah  have the same father but different mother.Gen.20,12

- Everything went on normally until Pharaoh discovered the truth.

But, God’s disapproval, was very clear   
      The Lord struck Pharaoh with severe plagues. w.17

6 –After  that, in a very short way, and without any moral problem, the authors  told us that Abraham went back to Canaan… to fulfil  the will of God, because the Saviour will be born from the people of Israel in Palestine… not in Egypt… But sin, is a sin… not a tail

7 – We  are just at the beginning of REVELATION, the perfection, the truth  will arrive only with Jesus, after 5.000 thousand years.

-The revelation is like a baby, must be an embryo… to be born… develop until the maturity. In Jesus only we can see the real man… without sin.

- The history of salvation, is like a very long gestation from the darkness of womb… defects… sins…  to the light of Jesus.

8 – But at this point, unfortunately, we must go back to the womb because some      persons want to explain everything using the human intelligence only.

- These peoples, did not develop the revelation but they invented a new wrong revelation that now we call… heresies.

9 – As a conclusion of this story, we should not to criticize the old authors but  to pray to God, to help us, to accept HIS revelation and to cooperate with  him for our salvation saying :      “ Father, creator of the world and source  of all life, you never abandon the creatures formed by your wisdom but remain with us and work for our good even now ” .E.P. 5

- So prayer, study, activities and faith… must always be together

Prayer, helps us to meet God, to trust in God, to cooperate with God.

To study the B. help us to know the real revelation and plan of salvation.

Activities, to believe in God, not by words but, with all our life.   Jas.2,14

Jesus said if you do not believe in me believe in my work.    Jn.10,38

Jesus, after a long day of preaching used to go to the mountain to pray.

Jesus, after sending the Apostles in mission told them to rest  and pray.

Prayers, study, activities, faith, are like body, blood, spirit, if we take away one of these…  we have a cadaver, a dead person.

10 – Life is a miracle, it depends on us, if we want to transform it in joy with God or…  in suffering against God and ourselves.

- The matrimonial covenant is ordered toward the good of the spouses and the procreation and education of offspring.  Ccc.1601.

- The community of life and love has been established by the Creator. 1603

- Every man experiences evil around him… Marital union has always been threatened by discord , a spirit of domination, infidelity, jealousy and conflicts that can escalate into hatred and separation. Ccc.1606.

11 – The  short story of Gen.12,10-20, has a very clear teaching for the people  of all time and religions, that is, that we can never use other persons wives…  daughters…  workings… as instruments for our pleasure or personal or economical safety.

      God’s disapproval was very clear withthe plagues w.17 and…

       Pharaoh’s order, for Abraham, to depart from Egypt. W.20

12 – Abraham  was only the beginning of history of salvation and faith.

     Now God is calling each one of us to cooperate with him according our  vocation and possibility.

13 – Do  anything as moved by God’s will, with the intention of pleasing him     and  giving him honor.   St.G.B.

- Our defects, were already well known to the Lord, even before he invited us.

 - When the Lord says enough to someone he cannot respond I will continue.


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