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1 - “It is right, O Lord, to give you thanks… for, through Jesus your Son, you created the human race, and formed it anew… And so, it is right that your entire creation to serve you, all the redeemed praise you, and all your Saints with one heart bless you”. Common Preface 3.

* To understand correctly any event, person, we have to look at them with two eyes History and Geography, that is, to know when,  where, how, why those events had happened, and who was the beginner, the protagonist, who will recive the benefits

* So, what we are starting, is not a journey of curiosity but an humble meditation of the history of salvation with the help and grace of God.

 2 – When unscrupulos businessmen want to reach their evil goals, they invent some falseslogans, like  Planned  Parenthood, to convince the people that, what they are doing, is for the best of the persons and society but, in reality, to be free for the killing of thousands of innocent babies, through abortion.

* But, not everything that is technically possible is morally right.

* Their good intentions, do not make good what is morally wrong .

3 – Some persons say, men and women have equal rights so, we must permit divorce, abortion, euthanasia, birth control, one baby male only, FIV, protection of sex industry, gay marriage, and priesthood for women… 

- But, because of those theories, now the society is suffering from a gender imbalance and the tragic consequences of those immoral goals.

A – After permitting divorce we can see many women and children alone and the expenses for the living of divorced families are trebled.

B – Abortion, eliminates 50 million innocent persons every year, making stress, mental disorder and suicide temptations for many women. 

- For the women who make abortion, the mortality is 3 times bigger than the women who give birth naturally.

- Any kind of pharmacological  abortioncall also sweet abortion, because   can  be done in the secret of our room, makes more sufferings, problems and a deep feeling of loneliness, than the surgical one.

C – Birth control and policy to have only one masculine child have already  provoked an imbalance of 150 million men more than women provoking a big  ecological inequality… and for men temptation of suicide or to rape women  

D – FIV, artificial fertility in vitro. The babies born with this method, have a  40% probability of physical and mental problems, malformations than the babies born naturally.  

-After the fecundation of 99,258 ovocites only 8,077 could be born as babies, it means that 93% are aborted, provoking in the women, after many useless  attempts, a very deep feeling of stress and sufferings.

E –All creature are connected, each must be cherished with love and respect, for all of us as living creatures are dependent on one another.      Laudato si N.42.

F –Instead of resolving the problems of the poor, some can only propose a reduction in the birth rate… We know that a third of all food produced is discarded.      Laudato si. N.50

* Statesmen must take responsibility for the depression of women because of forced  birth control or abortion , for the malformations and handicaps of many children and thisslaughter of innocents. Mt.2,16-18.   Evangelium Vitae

NB –About the priestly ordination of women John Paul 2 gave the last answer on 1994 in the exhortation Ordinatio Sacerdotalis saying that :

   “ The Church, by the will of God, has not the authority to ordinate women as priests ”.

NB –Other documents, like Mulieris Dignitatem, Redemptoris Mater and Christifideles Laici, teach us, that the women can exercise their spiritual priesthood, doing many things that only women can do as to be Mother of God, mission and charitable work, to spread peace.

4 – God, created man and women at his image Gn.1,26-28 with the same dignity by love (ribs are near the heart) Gn.2,21-23 but with different roles.

- So, each person, must find his or her role, in the history of salvation according to theirvocation and gender. And with parity of job… parity of wages.

* Environmental deterioration and human and ethical degradation are closely linked.             L. si N.56

5 The B. and the Catholic Church, apparently masculine and against the women, in reality they are always defending the equality of genders and valorization of women genius and talents.

6 – The general tendency, the inclination to make sins is not coming from  women but from the weakness of human nature of each person.

7 – The woman Mary only could be the Mother of God.

     She gave and she is giving the highest dignity and glory to all women of the past, today and in the future.

We cannot change God’s  and natural laws and to pretend that persons with homosexual inclinations, form a natural family and be parents.

- These hypotheses are by nature a contradiction and cannot be done even if the technique and human laws permit them to do so.

8 - The 3rd picture  told us that we must follow the conscience and to pray like      Salomon to receive the true wisdom in order to decide what is right-wrong and not to decide according to our blindness, limitations and misleading.

    “ Human reasoning is timid, our notions misleading a perishable body is  a burden for the soul. Ws.9,1-18.

9 - St. Leone said : Christian recognize your dignity, and now that you share in God’s own nature, do not return to your former base condition by sinning.  Use what you have and what you are, according to your vocation for your benefit and for the good of society. 1Cor.12-13 ; Ccc.1691.

10 –Abraham is the beginning of the new creation for men and women.

- We as Christians we are also called to accept the world as a SACRAMNT of communion.      L. si N.9

* We must make a portrait of Christ in ourselves. St.G.B.

 * If God is calling… Let the spirit be free to follow him. St.G.B.


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