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1 –The Ps.8,4-8  tells us about the greatness of man.  But sometimes he abuses his  power against aliens, widows, orphans and  the poor. Ex.22,20-26.

2 – God, who creates us, without us, cannot save us, without us. ccc.1847 . We have to join our hands and make a ring of love around the world.

3 – Everything that God has created, is good which we can use and eat, but  without the abusing of our authority.
Gn.1,26-31; 2,15-17.
      Laudato si

     Vegetables, plants, live in harmony according to their nature.

- The small one, can be food for the big one and the big one can be the food  for man.   And man has the duty to coordinate all these things and to  use  them wisely because each object and life has his own purpose and utility. Wis.1,1-5 ; Prv.3,13-17.

4 – If the people do not use their wisdom correctly they can overturn their destiny. Lucifer wanted to be like God but he became a devil.Rv.12,1-18.

 - Men disobeyed God but... after that, their eyes were opened and both of them, knew they were naked...  without God.   Gen.3,6-7.

5 – God Father, knows our weakness so he sent Jesus who, like a mother ,  Mt.23,37-39  tries to correct us, to teach us, to be near us and, to lead us back to the Father.

6 – Isaiah said: “ The ox and the ass know their master but, the people of any time does not know does not understand me ” Is.1,2-31

 - At the fullness of time, Jesus became man, to give to everybody, who receives Him, the possibility to be saved and to go back to the Father.

      Lk.1,67-79 ; 2,1-20 ; Gal.4,4-11.Eph.1,3-14.    

7 – Jesus, though the Church and Sacraments  can help us, to be King  and to use everything wisely...   

-  Christ, instituted the Sacraments,  to communicate his grace. 

- The Sacraments are perceptible signs words and actions. Ccc.1084

-  In the liturgy, Christ makes present his birth, death and resurrection  and, draws everything toward the eternal life .Ccc.1085

 8 –Jesus, gave  his power to the Apostles so that they became sacramental       that is, external and visible signs of Christ, in the world . Ccc.1087

- Therefore , Jesus is always present in the Church, Liturgy, Sacraments  and especially in the Eucharistic species. Ccc.1088

- So when anybody baptizes or teaches, using the Word of God...

        Jesus himself will do that, through the human minister  Ccc.1088

 *  The liturgy not only recalls the events that saved us but actualizes them,  makes them present to operate our salvation . Ccc.1104 

* Therefore to be King, is not just a word but, it means that we have to start  to live like Jesus in order to prepare to live forever with him and in him.

9 – In the universe, Angels and men only, are intelligent and have the  capacity of understanding the beauty of creationto thank God and   to develop the universe according to the programme of the salvation.

10 – Universe  : This word, can tell us, everything and nothing because it  includes God, stars, atmosphere, peoples, animals, trees, vegetables, things visible and invisible. All these things were entrusted to men.

- When the scientists tell us about macro and micro, we feel lost because we cannot understand the meaning of those numbers or symbols.

Everything that exists, must have a beginning, a creator, nothing can be created by himself and,  everything, through natural evolution, must be  transformed in other things and… men in God.

11 –The  scientist Daniel Shechman said that is amazing to study the   mystery of nature. He said that in quasicrystals their atomic pattern is highly geometrical yet never repeats.

- Billions of cells are in the same body but each one has their duty

12 – Scientists  Saul, Adam, Brian where astounded when they discovered that the expansion of universe is accelerating and… will end in ice ???

- They said : The large extent of universe is unknown to science.

- What we see, in the skies, is but a fraction of what is really out there.

- So we have to think about the infinite  mystery yet to be understood.

13 –The  B. is full of parables and, through these parables, God tries  to open our eyes to understand some of God’s and the universe’s mystery.

- The poet Tomas said :  the poetic examination of nature offers insights  into human identity and its spiritual dimension.

14 – Father , through Jesus, you created all things and govern their course with infinite wisdom. Jesus is the way, the truth that leads to you. P.E. 5.

- Some of these readings, can help us to understand the cleverness of God.  Who, through simple parables, examples, can teach us about his love and mystery.

        Gen.1,1-11 ; 3,1-24 ; Ex.34,33-34 ; Nm.24,4 ; Is.5,1-7 ; 25,6-10 ;

         Mt.21,33-43 ; 22,1-14 ; 27,51 ; 2Cor.3,13

15 –The trap used by the devil is temporal good. St.G.B.

* The devil is author of the idea that we should know nothing of the world


  Instead the creation, can be like the stair of Jacob to go to God.Gen.28,10-22


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