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1 – The men flooded the world of sins and  God flooded the men with love.

- The men, refused God’s love and, tried to build a tower, like a long stair  that could reach the heavens  permitting people to reach God... and to be like God. Gen.11,1-9.    It was the ambition of Lucifer.

2 Babel can signify  “ confusion ” or “ heavens door ” in fact, at the top  of the tower there was a small temple and door which could permit God  to come down and to be near the human beings.

- Through the confusion of the Babel story, the writer, was speaking about  the confusion in heart and morals. In fact the men were making  all kinds of sin and living like irrational animals, one against the other  in opposition of the others.

3God does not need temples, sacrifices Jn.4,21, because the real temple and sacrifice will be Jesus,  Mt.26,61 , the heart of men and essentially the Eucharist, which is the apex of faith. Ccc.1322 ; 1419

4 –The Babel tower, was  95 m. height and was built with  5 million bricks.Those bricks now, are scattered along the river Tigris and Euphrates. Now, the love and moral of human beings are mixed in many different sins. So we need somebody that can reunite the moral confusion of humanity

5 – The Holy Spirit only, who Jesus will send from the Father, will create  one language… one family… moral… faith… love for God and for all.

      Lc.24,44-49 ; Acts.1,1-11 ; 2,1-41 ;  Jn.16,5-15

6– In the Bible there are many long genealogies which are like the documents which permit the people of Israel to possess Palestine.  

   And for us, to receive the blessing promised to our ancestors.

- But the genealogies, which give rise to useless discussions 1Tm.1,4 ; Tt.3,9

   are not the tower, the stair, the bridge which can lead us to God.

- The real bridge, will be at the beginning , the people of Israel, and after that, Jesus, the Church and each one of us, if we cooperate with God’s program of salvation… I am the way Jn.14,6.

7 - “ If someone aspires to be bishop (overseer) it is a noble task but he must  be beyond reproach, responsible, judicious, of good manners, hospitable and skillful in teaching. He must not be addicted to win or quarrelsome, but gentle and peaceful, and not a lover of money

     He must enjoy a good reputation… ”. 1Tm.1,3-7

* Many people want to be like tower… to dominate… with proudness.

8 The coming of God’s Son, to earth, is an event of such immensity that  God willed to PREPARE  for it  over centuries. Ccc.522

- God makes everything : rituals, sacrifices,figures and symbols converge on Christ. Col.1,15-20. God announces him through many prophets.

- He  awakens in the hearts of the pagans a dim expectation of this coming .

9 –Pride was the origin of sin for Lucifer,Adam,Babel, David, Judah, Peter

* Humility is the foundation for any kind of holiness.1Pt.5,5-7

* Jesus, God, was born in the cave. He worked for 30 years as carpenter,  washed the feet of Apostles,  became spiritual food in the Eucharist.  He died on the cross. Fil.2,8 , was naked in the tomb.

- Only after so many humiliations, Jesus was raised for eternal life.

- Jesus was the servant of all… Go and do  the same Lk.10,25-37  

* My soul proclaims the greatness of God, my spirit exults in God my  savior. He has looked upon his servant in her lowliness. Lc.1,46.

10 –The building of Babel tower, unfortunately is not yet finished

- Just to think how much many governments are spending for weapons

 How much people spend for vacations, politic, amusements,luxurious items

-Newspaper said: Coffins are out, diamonds and precious stones are forever 

    Funeral can cost 600.000 baht ,transforming the ashes of the body into a  diamond, it costs only  ???  200-500.000 baht and, after that, you can take  your beloved one, with you, day and night.

* Ambition, proudness, skyscrapers, show of power are proclaims of today.

* But the rainbow, bridge, Ark  that can take us back to God is the Cross.

11Before the Lord raises a soul to a higher plane he humbles it more for God is no less a wise architect than most common labourers who know that a foundation must be dug more deeply the higher the tower will rise.

* God will save the people of humble heart and accept correctionsMt18,15-20.

* We must have a spirit of poverty. If we have anything belong to God.

* Poverty is the capital to begin any enterprise in the kingdom of God.

* Differences of opinion, disagreement and disputes are much to be feared

* Contention, rash contradiction, the stubborn defense of one’s own

    Position, is very offensive. Should be totally avoided.

* The diversity of judgments is so human, that if proposed with gentleness, 

    dialogue, moderation ,and modesty of spirit, offends no one. St.G.B.



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