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1 - God created us to know, to love and to be with Him in the eternal life, but we have to follow God’s 10 Commandments which are a soft yoke, they are like the railroads which permit us to reach God in the fastest and easiest way. Ps.117,1-29 ; Mt.11,25-30

2 – The 10 commandments are impressed in the heart of all persons. So all of us, must observe them, in order to be saved. Dt.30,11-20.

3 – The men, making sin, refuse God. But Jesus came to save us.

- The men were like sheep without a shepherd. Mt.9,35-38.

- Like a prodigal son. Lc.15,11-32. - Like a leper. Mt.8,1-4.

      Like a paralytic. Jn.5,1-9.  Like blind. Jn.5,1-18 ; 9,1-40.

      Like dead Lazarus. Jn.11,1-43 ; 12,1-17. - Like the sinking Peter  in the sea of sins  Mt.8,23-27 ; 14,13-33.

- But Jesus came into the boat of our life to save us.w.32

4 – Every time we make a sin, we abuse the gifts received by God :

* Virtue : is to use God’s gifts  according the will of God

* Vice : is to use God’s gifts in the wrong way and specially our body, intelligence, freedom, love…

 - So our nature is crying and is asking to be redeemed and  to be used  according to the will of God. Rm.8,18-23.  Laudato si

- God is Father... Emmanuel... Savoir....  wants to take way all sufferings

  2Sam.7,14 ;  Ez.37,27  to make everything new Is.7,14 ; 25,8 ; 35,10 ; 55,1

5 – God, the lovable Father, instead of destroying the sinners, through  deluge... tsunami... diseases... wars...  he showed his love and through  parables, teaches us how to live  and reach the eternal life.Mt.13,1-23.

6God’s teaching and love, are like the rain coming from heaven which  will never go back void… it will produce some fruits. Is.55,10-11.

7 Diogneto told us that, the Christians live, the civil life, like other  persons but not in a human sinful instinct. They love everybody, they help poor, forgive...

*  Christians are like the soul and the light of the world.Jn.8,12 ; Sir.24,25.  They start the New Heaven because they live like Jesus.

      Rm. 6,8-11 ; Is.7,14 ; 25,8 ; 35,10 ; 55,1 ;  2Sam.7,14.

8 –Those  who do not live in love, they are already in the second death  in eternal damnation. Rv.21,8 ; 22,12-15. 

9 – The way to live as God’s children is to Pray. Prayer, can be done in  many different ways… alone on the mountain. Lc.6,12. Room Mt.6,1-18

- Together on Sunday  with readings… songs… Crying. 1Sam.1,9-11 With humble heart like the publican.Lc.18,10.

- Prayer can be done with reading… meditation…  contemplation  that is, letting Jesus tell us, what we have to change  our life.

10 –The  great deceit of devil today is to convince us not to pray and  to look what we are not… to be hypocrites like Pharisees. Mt.23,1-39

- The Angels seemed to be good but, they rebelled against God.

- Adam seemed to be happy with God but, he disobeyed him.

- Cain offered sacrifices, as one with pure heart but, he killed Abel.

- In Noah’s time, all the people seemed to be happy but, forgot God.

- Joseph’s brothers, will go to Egypt… but, they will follow idols.

- The prophets, will try to wake up the conscience of the people but…

- Jesus will teach peace… joy.. love but, will die on the crucifix..

11 – In  our hearts, there are many good wishes but, we refuse God.

- The history of salvation, is telling us that, Jesus only can save us.

12Faith should not be on our lips but, in our daily life. Jas.2,14-18 

- We must be light and missionary for our brothers Mt,5,14 ; Mc.6,7-13

- We must love neighbor, like Jesus. Jn.15,12

- We need a daily renewal, not using God as a tool for our glory.

13 – First step is humble prayer asking God to obey his Commandments, to serve each other, as a good family, of the same Father.

14 – So, not statistics, like David  2Sam.24,1-25, to let the world know that  we are the best and the greatest religion but, to serve and to love like Jesus.

15 – Like  Zarephath’s and temple’s widows  1Kings 17,9 ; Mc.12,42. Let us, raise our arms to touch God our Father and… to trust in Him who is here to save us… NOW

16A child, is never more secure than when it is sleeping in the arms of  its mother, abandoning  his every thought and care.  He does not see... hear... speak  but,  his mother hears, speaks, sees and acts for him. St.G.B.

* Blessed are they who have greatly trusted  in the loving God. St.G.B. 




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