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1 – For many words, that we use in our daily life, we do not understand the meaning, because they come from old languages that we do not know ex.

Education = educere, it means to pull out something that is inside.

- Catechize : to externalise something that is inside

2 – Parables  : are stories, true or not, that can help us to understand very deep or important truths but,are sometimes difficult to understand.

- In the Gospels there are 35 parables that Jesus told to the people of his time, to teach them something that, they could understand easily, because He took those stories,from their daily life like fishing,fields, chicks, family.

- The parables, could be  very clear, for those who wanted  understand Mc.4,2-12; Lc.8,4-9. Or to be a mystery, for those who did not want to convert.  So many times Jesus concluded his parables

     saying : listen then, if you have ears to hear. Lc.8,8.

     Many leaders  refused Jesus’ teaching. Mt. 13,13 ; 21,45.   

3 In the O.T. God, used many parables to teach us about creation… sin… the Redeemer… deluge… liberation of Israel… sacrifices…

     All those parables, will become reality, with Jesus Christ.

4 – One  of these  parables, is the conclusion of deluge when God tought us that  not 8 persons, but all peoples, could go into the Ark of Jesus’ Heart and to be saved by his infinite love.   

5 – The Flood story, teaches us, that the sin is the worst thing in the world and in our life, because it destroys the peace in us and humanity.

      In order to repair this disorder, God himself,  must incarnate and to die on the CROSS... the real Ark of salvation.

- So Flood, is symbol of the sin and, the Ark, symbol of Jesus’ salvation.

6 – In the O.T. there are many events, allusions, symbols.  Ccc188,   All of them, are preparations to understand truths that, only in the N.T.  Jesus will explain, through his Pascal Mystery. Ex.

* Cloud : The Israelites will walk in the desert for 40 years and the cloud  will be dark during the day, luminous during the night.Ex.14,19-20 .

- God used to speak with Moses into the cloud. Ex.19,16-19. 24,15-18 ;  33,9-11 ; 34,5-9 .  But Jesus will revealed the Father. Jn.14,11.

- A cloud will cover the Virgin Mary. Lc.1,35 .

- A cloud will come over the Apostles in the Cenacle. Acts 1,9-11 ; 2,1-4

- On the Mount Tabor Jesus and the Apostles in the cloud. Mt.17,1-8.

 * Holy Spirit : is the divine person most difficult to represent so he  manifests himself  with symbols as dove... fire... wind...

       Gen.1,1-2 ; 8,8-12 ; 1Kgs 19,1-18. Elijah  ;  Mt.3,12-17  ;  Jn.1,29-34   Apostles.  Acts 2,1-13 .  Cornelius. 10,44-48.

 7 – SACRAMENTS, are external signs of internal and invisible grace of God. Ccc.774 ; 1113 ; 1127-1131.

- The tradition of the Church gives us seven sacraments because they touch  all the stages and all the important moments of Christian life. Ccc 1210.

- But Jesus... the Church... each one of us... parents... the world... can be Sacraments.  Ccc.515 ; 837 ; 775-76 ; 780 ; 846-849.

- All the 7 Sacraments  tend  to the Eucharist, which is the heart and the summit of the church’s life. Ccc.1211 ; 1324 ; 1327 ; 1374 ; 1407.

- Even if,  the Sacraments,  are necessary for our salvation, Jesus  is not bound by his Sacraments ccc.1257.

- God, can save us in ways known to himself. Ccc848

8 - The visible signs, last for a short time, the invisible forever. 2Cor.4,18.

- The visible things reveal the power and love of God. Rm.1,20.

- If you cannot see me as God, my work reveals that I am God. Jn.10,3-8

- Starting from the creation of the world, the invisible God and Spirit, revealed themselves,  through visible actions. Gen.1,2.

9 – Water... Ark...  dove... persons...  all of them, can be a  sacrament, that is,  external signs of the invisible salvation of God.

- When a person baptizes, absolves… is Jesus who is saving us from the  flood of sins.Ccc.739-41 ; 1076.

- Through the Ark, God saved 8 persons only, 1Pt.3,20  but,  through the Church and Sacraments, Jesus can save all humanity.

10 – All the Sacraments are given in the name of Trinity...  But  only

- The Holy Spirit, will help us to understand all these truths. Jn.15,26  

- The Spirit will give you life. Is.44,3-4

- Nicodemus and Samaritan lady, will receive life from Jesus’ water. Jn.3-4


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