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1Life’s evolution

In the universe there are many ways to start and transmit  life.Scientists believe the stars in the universe began by the Big BangMicrobes, virus, bacteria...  flowers and trees, are reproduced by pollinationInsects and animals, are reproduced by natural insemination or by instinct, sexual union but,  everything is done  without responsibility and love.

2 - The human persons, instead, reproduce by looking at each other, face to face, heart to heart, after mutual, free, responsible decision and love.

- The generative love does not last few moments only, but must exist before  and persist during the conception and persevere until the natural death.

- Therefore,  parents are and remain parents until the fruit of their love reaches physical, economical, intellectual and spiritual maturity and autonomy… It is love for life.

3 – To purify the hearts of human kind,  is not enough...  a ceremony... a miracle... a beautiful teaching… it takes time, good will, a daily fighting

- In fact Ham committed a sin against his drunk father. Gen.9,22

-  Cain killed his brother Abel. Gen.4,1-16

- Many people of our time do not respect their parents, tutors, authorities.

4 – It means that all humankind are in need of special help that God will  give through Jesus, the Church and the sacraments.

5 – Usually we love others hoping that they will repay us with bigger love.

- The only person who loves completely free, is Jesus who loves us to the  point that  he became man and he died on the cross. Jn.3,16-21.

* There are two things that we cannot understand completely :

Jesus’s death for the sinners and the Eucharist. This is INFINITE  LOVE.

 6 – The fourth commandment teaches us to respect, to help and to love our      parents even if they lose their mind or are a bad example.

* Each of you must revere his mother and father. Lv.19,3.

* Shem and Japhetth took a cloak and covered their father’s nakedness. Gen.9,23

* No man shall take the wife of his father.Let him not dishonour his father. Dt.23,1.

* My child take care of your father in his old age do not cause him sorrow. 

  Even if he has lost his mind, have patience ,do not be disrespectful Sir.3,12

* Honor your father with your whole heart and not be forgetful of the sufferings of your mother Sir.7,27.

* Do not despise a man in his old age. Sir.8,6.

* They had no respect for the old and no pity for the infants. Bar.4,15

- God created  humankind as a family giving to the parents the important duty to educate and to transmit the faith to their children.

7 – The family is the smallest society but has the duty to prepare the  happiness and stability of the future civil, religious and eternal society.

 8 – All the children are a gift from God. We must accept, teach and love them, without discrimination of gender or handicap.
Jb.1,6-22 ; 3,1-23.  

9 – We can see that in the human’s history there was a mix of love and hate for aged persons and for children.

- Pharaoh ordered to throw  children into the Nile.

- The Romans eliminated  handicapped children by throwing them from the Rupe Tarpeia.

- The elderly usually were seen as the depositary of wisdom.

- Today is normal to eliminate them through euthanasia because they are economically useless and a  burden  for the community.

- The modern society exalts the dignity of any person but for the freedom of everybody eliminates, every year, 50 million children through abortion.

- Jesus and the Catholic Church taught us to respect life from the beginning to the natural end because  we do not have right to eliminate others even if, in many countries abortion, euthanasia and death penalty are legal.

- We are not the owner but only the administrator of our life.

* Familiaris Consortio and many other documents teach about the dignity of each person and order us to assist them at any time.

- So the most horrible sin is to eliminate innocent persons through abortion

10 - ABORTION ccc.2270-2275.

- Abortion is one of the many aspects of women’s slavery .

 - Those who are in favor of abortion, try to find all the excuses to say that the abortion has no negative effects for the mental health of the women but, honest doctors say that, also many years after abortion, women suffer  anxieties, depression, abuse of alcohol, drugs, hate for children… inclination to suicide…They feel that there is a heavy burden on  their heart. 

- The abortionists and many governments, refuse these conclusions, and say on the contrary, that the women with children , have those negative effects.

- Abortion is a crime, because it kills an innocent and undefended person.

- All the persons who, makes or favors abortion, are excommunicated

    latae sententiae = automatically ccc.2272 ; ccc.2258-2330

 - It means that,it  prevents the sinners, from receiving the Sacraments even if they are still part of the Church and must pray and take part to the  liturgical prayer, asking God forgiveness for their state of sin  ( person who continue to live a sinful life)  and to find the way to come back to God.

* In some countries, once a year,  there is a funeral for aborted babies. 

- The mothers are invited to care a  small white coffin… with the name of their baby… flowers… toys… food…

*The wound of abortion can never be cancelled from the heart of a mother.

 * We should give good example .We ought to do well and perfectly St.G.B.


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