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 1 – “Our  Father who are in heaven, hallowed be thy name…thy kingdom come…  thy will be done…

- It is a prayer of love to a person that is not far in heaven but, near us to the point that  he can talk with Noah and can tell him what he has  to do for the salvation of his family and…animals.

2Father : How is possible to call God Father… holy… kingdom… will…if he is preparing the  destruction of humanity ?

- Deluge was not done by the wrath of God but by human sins.

- So we ask God, to help us, not to make God holy, because he is the source of holiness, rather to help us to manifest the holiness of God through our obedience… cooperation… and daily life.

3 – But, as we could see already, the devil throws up obstacles to prevent  Angels… Adam…  the people in Noah’s times and… all of us  from obeying God.

4 – This  refusal… separation from God we call sin.

-To go back to God we need his special help that we can receive through prayer…  sacrifices and especially through the Eucharist.

 5 – So, the Ark of salvation, once again, is the cross of Jesus Christ.

- When we obey God, we became mother, brothers of Jesus and we start our journey back to God. 1Sam.15,22 ; Mt.7,21 ; Mc.3,35.

6 – “ Then Yahweh closed the door on Noah ” . Gen.7,16

- Is not the door of the love of God that is closed but the human heart.

- God, promised already, to come for our salvation N. 17

- Noah was the first to be saved and… all who trust in God.

7God did not create death, nor does he rejoice in the destruction of the  living.  Since he has created everything, and all creatures of the universe  are for our good;  there is no deadly poison in them. Wis.1,13-15 .

- God carries us, with love,  as a father carries his son. Dt.1,31.

- As you distanced yourself from God, return to him

   For God who caused these evils to fall on you, HE will bring you salvation  and eternal joy. Bar.4,28-29.  ( In the O.T. all good and evil come from God ).

* God so loved the world that, He gave his only Son that whoever believes in Him may not be lost, but may have eternal life. God did not send the Son into the world to condemn the world; instead, through Him, the world was to be saved. Whoever believes in Him will not be condemned.

He who does not believe is already condemned, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God. Jn.3,16-21.

8– Any kind of sin is a separation and refusal  of God’s love.

   God only, can rebuild the bridge that our sins have destroyed and reconcile us with God. The rebuilding of that bridge is signified by the sacrifices of Noah but, those offerings, became means of salvation, only by Jesus Christ, through God and real man.

9The events of the past should be a teaching for us but, like the past generations, we too now forget those sorrowful events and we try to find some excuses in order to carry on in our life of sin and refusal of God.

God does not want the death of the sinners but their conversion.

 Ez.18,1-32 ; 23,1-49 ; 33.10-20 ; Jer.31,27-40 ; Lc.15,11-32.

* Big monuments...  books... are telling us that everything is over already...Is a story of the past and... must be a teaching for the future generations..but we do not have any responsibility for what happened before...

* Like Pilate, we wash our hands so we can go on with our life and... sins...

10 – During the many millennia there were many kinds of tsunami which the scientists have called with different suggestive, appropriate, technical names as the time of palaeontology, the time of glaciations, tertian era…the discovering of the archaeology

11 – It  does not matter, how those events are called or, where they happened but they are telling us that the universe has its natural role and laws and the men abusing their freedom, can accelerate, aggravate, the natural catastrophes, as the hole in the ozone, ecologic environment, to the point of our total destruction.   See : Laudato si.

12 Zephaniah 1-2 said that God will destroy everything.

These aphorisms are anthropomorphisms teaching us about God’s love who wants to destroy the sin but to save the sinners and to help them to worship the true God only. Zep.3,8-20  ; Am.9,1-15.

13 - God, does not willingly abuse or afflict the human race.

What punishes us is not God but our deeds. Lam.3,33 ; 5,1-22

 Oh Lord, you took up my care and redeemed my life. Lam.3,58.

It is right to give you thanks Father of mercy and faithful God for you have given us Jesus as Redeemer. He always showed compassion for all mankind.    You Father are the God existing before all ages.

You alone are good, the source of life. You have made all that exists.

So you might fill your creatures with blessings and bring joy to many of them by the glory of your light .” (Preface Euch.Pr. 4 )

14 – Thank  God in time. Detest your negligence of the past.St.G.B.

* Your empty soul, separate from other creature will dispose itself  to seek and to unite oneself to God St. G. B.

* What joy to have God in us. He dwells and works in us St.G.B.

* The Lord wants our affections be fixed in him, to think always of him.

* If we forget to do something, God will know when and how to remind us.


* God chooses the most humble souls to bring them to extraordinary degrees of sanctity or to use them for some very important task. St. G.B.


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