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1 – The 4th picture told us that the history of salvation is done by very long happy and unhappy events, by holy and sinning persons who prepared for the coming of Jesus who will take us back to the Trinity and to eternal life.

   “ It is right to give you thanks o Lord for you do not cease to spur us on to possess a more abundant life. You constantly offer pardon and call sinners to trust in your forgiveness alone. Never did you turn away from us, and though time and again we have broken your covenant, you have bound the human family to yourself through Jesus your Son, our Redeemer with a new bond of love so tight that, it can never be undone.   Even now, you set before your people a time of grace, reconciliation and peace ”.

(Eucharistic prayer for reconciliation 1)

2 – The different persons of the 4th picture, are  the most important one chosen by God to prepare for the coming of Jesus. One of these persons is ourselves. We are like a small stone or the string of the guitar, so we must find our place and collaborate with God to the history of salvation according to our possibility and vocation.

3 - The real saviour is always and only Jesus Christ who can save us through events, persons, religions, in the way that only he knows.

 ccc.618 ;  2Tim.1,9.

4 – The wickedness of man on earth was very great  Gn.6,5.13 but the love of God was greater than the sins, so God decided to save the humankind through holy persons like : Noah, Abraham, Moses, Judges, Kings, Prophets, Jesus, Church, and each one of us…

5Noah : We do not know where, when he was born but, he started to exhort his countryman to convert them and to go back to God.

6 – The persons of that time and today prefer to go on committing sins, oppressing children and women, making injustice, idolatry and to live in state of sin. ( person who continues to live a sinful life)

7-When we read the O.T. we have the feeling that God is very cruel.

    * He punished Adam... * He destroyed the people in Noah’s time...

    * He will order Abram to scarifce his only son...

    * To Moses he will speak through fire and thunders,

   * To Joshua will command to destroy to make holocaust of the enemies... 

   * Conclusion...  we cannot believe in God like that.

8 – Another  impression can be that, all the stories in the O.T are like unbelievable tales... Conclusion... is not wise to trust in that God.

  - Another  error is, to read those stories, as not historical... not documented... very far... and so useless... events.

9 – So , we do not realize that God, through those events... people... is talking  to us NOW  but...  we prefer to ignore  and ridicule  those stories, because they can disturb our conscience and... happiness.

* Conclusion... Once again...  God do not exist.... But...

10 – Every  time... and in any way... and for any reason  we refuse God... we too... like Adam, we ate the forbidden fruit and with  haughtiness we  decide by ourselves...  what is good or... wrong... 

- Like the people of Noah’s  time, we do not want to listen to the voice of conscience... and the prophets of our time... But we become naked

11 – We  want to be the owner of our life... our children and women life’s...

- Like Cain, we offer faultily sacrifices  ( Gen.4,1-7;  Mal. 1,6-8 ) that we have prepared with our bloody hands... killing, through abortion 50 million of innocents babies a year... oppressing  poor...   

* There are  seven things that God detests : The proud look , the lying tongue,  hands which spill innocent blood, the depraved heart,  feet which speed towards evil, a false and lying witness and the one who sown discord among people”. Prv.6,16-19

12 – We  deplore  Stalin’s... Hitler’s... Mao’s... Hiroshima’s... holocausts...

-But, with very sophisticated lawful methods, we are doing the same crimes. Because God do not exist... God cannot see us... God do not care of us.

- The bad persons... the corrupted politicians... the scandalous religious... that must die in the flood... tsunami... are always those of the past...so we, with clean hands, we can go on with our defects... business... sins.

13 – If  somebody like Noah’... Moses... Virgin Mary... Pope... tries to wake up our conscience about ecology... corruption... different  sophisticated kind  of mafia... we just call them traditionalists... moralists... fundamentalists  ignorant carpenter. Mc.6,1-6 , so we can point our fingers against the speck  of these false prophets...and carry on... Mt.7,3

14 – God  creator... redeemer... providence... is a childlike poetry invention    because in God there are too many  contradictions

      cruelty  and mercy... indifference and providence...tolerance with the sinners and strictness with his servants...

- And the worst injustice will be the eternal condemnation...  of the Angels and of those innocents... who did not obey that...  cruel God.

15– Once again God is telling us SHEMA= listen Israel. Dt.6,4.

    LISTEN to my voice NOW because I am here to teach you and... to save you... through these stories... if you want listen and believe.

16 -We cannot mix our human words of  mercy and justice with God’s mercy and  justice.

- The two words are equal in sound but not in the meaning.

- Jesus said to the criminal  : “ today... not at the end of the world...

   Today you will be with me in paradise, because that criminal showed some signs of real repentance. Lc.23,43.

-To many sinners, Jesus said : I forgive you but... do not sin any more.

- At contrary with the Pharisees,  Jesus uses very strong words :

   vipers. Mt.12,33-37. hypocrites... uncleanness tombs...  Mt.23,27

- For those who make scandals... Jesus said :

* Better for Judas not to have been born. Mt.26,24. 

* They should cut off  hands...e yes... Mt.5,29

* They should  throw themselves into the sea ...Mc.9,42.

* For those who profane the family love with false marriage God said :

      Let no one separate what God has  joined. Mt.19,6

* You Capernaum will be thrown down to the place of the dead Mt.11,23

- It means that Jesus is merciful with the sinners that show a sign of repentance... But is very severe with people that want to play and...abuse of  his teachings... holy blood... sacrifice... patience... love.

17 –So  now, we can go on with OUR history of salvation hoping that  we do not lose the occasion, like the people of Noah’s time...to enter into Jesus Christ’... saving boat...  Jesus is not sleeping. M.4,35-41.

18 –Live in spirit in the wounds of Jesus, to nourish love of humility St.G.B.

* Let us listen to Christ and his vicar even if we are left alone with Noah We will be saved in the ark of the Church. St.G.B.

* Never omit any point of perfection so that you will not ruin your work.




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