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 1 – “ It is our duty to give you thanks, Father, through Jesus, through whom you made all things, whom you sent as our Redeemer, fulfilling your will.  He stretched out his hands as he endured his Passion, so as to break the bonds of death and manifest the resurrection”.( Preface Euch.Pr.2).

2 – The only person who can save us is Jesus because he is a real man  and a real God... “ today you will be with me in paradise ”. Lc.23,43

- God is God not because he punishes us but because he forgives us.

    “ Courage my son your sins are forgiven...”  Mt.9,1-8 ;  ccc.1994.

    1Cor.15,3-5 ; Eph.2,4-6 ; Rm.6,4 ; Acts.10,40-43.

- All the events, sacrifices, temples, before Jesus, were only symbols and preparation to what Jesus will realize through the Pascal Mystery

 Birth, death, resurrection, ascension of Jesus, and sending the H. Spirit.

3 – The blood of animals cannot save us. Ebr.9,11-22 . Is.1,10-20

Jesus is the only Goel= the victim; the way Jn.14, 6; the door Jn.10,1-10;

the corner stone Acts.4,11-1 2; the name Ebr.7,2-27 who can save us.

4Jesus, real God, and real man but...  without sin... wants to save us through the CHURCH... sacraments... our cooperation... our good deeds prayers... and especially through the sacrifice of the Mass. G.et Sp.40-45.1Pt.2,4-9 ; 18-25 ; Mt.11,28-30 ; Rm.5,1-8 ; Acts.2,14-41 ; 4,11-12 ; Jn.10,1-10  ;  14,1-21 ;  Eph.1,1-10  ;  Rv.5,8-9. Dominus  Iesus . N.12-14 ;

5 - To believe in Jesus, is not only to do many readings on the Bible...but we have to meet...  to trust and... to live according Jesus’s teachings 

   “ Peter, James, John...  after they caught a large number of fish...

     Followed Jesus, leaving everything ” . Lc.5,1-11.

- God does not ask for sacrifices...  celebrations but, justice and love.

      Is.1-2 ;  Rm.14,17-19 ;  Gal.5,13-14.

6 - Some theologians think that in Jesus teaching, there was an evolution and maturity, in making the history of salvation,  because in his teaching there are many contradictions and... and discontinuity.

- But because of these apparent contradictions,  we can see that the authors are telling us the truth. If the writers, have reported the teachings and miracles of Jesus using the same words and situations, it should be clear that they have copied each other.

7 - But the apparent contradictions are telling us that Jesus has a  very clear program and he tries to go on, with his plan of salvation, even if the Apostles and,  people... authorities could not understand.

 - In fact in order to fulfil the history of salvation, Jesus became a real man and he started to work as carpenter.Lc.2,1-52 ; Mt.13,53-58.

8 - At the age of 30 = maturity, Lc.3,23, he started the preaching, giving a very clear program  for those who want to be his disciples.

   “ Blessed the poor... who mourn... who are gentle... who hunger justice... the merciful... the pure of heart... the peace maker... the persecuted...”

        Not good wishes but reality. Mt.5,1-47; 12,46-50.  

9 –  In this programmatic sermon, there is no demagogy... but only truth...

  - The only way of salvation is to refuse sin... any evil... to die on the cross.

      “ From that day, Jesus,  began to make it clear to his disciples  that he would suffer... Go behind me Peter... Satan... You are  thinking not as  God... If you want to follow me... take up your cross...”  If you want  to be first, make yourself the servant ”  Mt.16,13-27 ;  20,17-28.

- No human leaders are so clear... precise...  in presenting their program.

10 -Jesus wants to be with us and to be eaten through the Eucharist. Gv.6,1-66.

- It is difficult to understand these teachings so Jesus promised to send the Holy Spirit who will help to understand and... to follow him.

     Lc.24,36-52 ; Mk.16,9-20 ; Acts.2,1-48 ; Jn.16,1-15 .

     Dominus Iesus  N.19-22.

11 - After the coming of the Holy Spirit, the Apostles started to proclaim the teachings of Jesus and to celebrate his sacrifice for the salvation of all.

    “  Take and eat...  this is my body...  drink my blood...which is poured out for the forgiveness of sins.”Mt.26,26-29 ; 1Cor.11,17-34.

12 – The history of salvation is like a large mosaic with... many tessera... symbols...  persons... situations... religions...

- The most important tessera is Jesus and...  his revelation

- Each person... religion... can understand God’s  teaching in different way

- The O.T. is only the beginning of that revelation that will be completed by  Jesus and we... will understand  it fully only in the eternal life.

13 - Eternal life is to know = to possess the Trinity... Jn.17,3.

    - Now we can know God by groping. Acts 17,27. 

    - We can see  only the negative  God  ccc 43... not  the merciful  God.

14 - The B. summarizes the humanity in one word =  ISRAEL.

    Israel is each one of us with our  bad mind... idols... slavery of sins...

- The merciful Father came to save all Israelites... through Jesus.

- God took the  two pieces of wood = Jesus and sinners and put  together through the redemption. Ez.37,15-28

- Now God can be worshiped in...  144.000  ways.... Rv.7,4 .

   but with one love... one  faith... one  NAME.. .   JESUS .
Rv. 14,1

15 - All of us, are like a meaningless  brick... tessera... into the history of salvation... but if we try to cooperate with Jesus...  the only bridge  HE  can take us back to the Trinity... in the way the  he knows,

    Unless...  we  refuse salvation and  God’s love... with our sins.

16 - God is knocking at the heart... life... of each person.

- God is the tree of life  for everybody who believes.  Gn.2,9 ; 3,23-24 .

- But God will give his eternal life according our deeds. Rv,22,12-21.

- So, Gods will, God’s mercy and our free cooperation, must be together 

17 Church is called Catholic  or  universal  because

1-    It has spread throughout the entire world.

2 – Is teaching fully and unfailingly all the doctrines.

3 – Brings under religious obedience all persons. 

4 – It heals every type of sin.   5 – Possesses every kind of virtue.  

6 – There is One God,  one  Redeemer Jesus, one Sacrifice, one Pope.

* Church means an assembly of  all persons called out  and gather  them together   Lv.8,3 ; Dt.4,10 ; Ps.34,18 ; 67,27. 1Tm.3,14.





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